Friday, April 28, 2006

More work

Here are some before and after shots. I should mention that all of this work has been done by one guy!





Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Electric OK

View of the roof through where the ceiling used to be taken from the basement through where the floor used to be

An electrician was able to get to the house yesterday and fix the problem rather than having to replace the entire box.

So the floor is gone and some new joists were installed in an attempt to level the floor...which actually makes it look unlevel compared to the studs on the walls...

This picture was taken with one foot in the living room and the other standing on a joist in the kitchen

View to the basement

Monday, April 24, 2006

Kitchen Renovation

I'm not quite sure what gave me the impression that our kitchen renovation would be a smooth process when absolutely NOTHING in our life is....but I was duped again.

Kitchen Before

Day 1 of work - went very smoothly. all of the cabinets, walls, and appliances were removed. I was shocked when I got home!

Same view after

Day 2 - trouble already...they started to get the floor out and while messing with the baseboard heat, the pipe burst and sent water all over the kitchen and down to the basement. the rest of that day was lost to cleaning and plumbing. but they did get the ceiling out.

Over the weekend it rained pretty hard and I could hear dripping in the kitchen. In the morning I checked it out and the floor was all wet. the roof is leaking, which must have been going on all along but the insullation was soaking it up.

Day 3 - got the rest of the floor out to the studs. they went to put down the new subfloor only to find that the power went out. the electrical box needs to be replaced. they're waiting for an electrician to come.

Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings...