Saturday, May 31, 2008

Cover photo contest

A blog friend entered her adorable son in the Parents Magazine cover contest.  I went and voted for him then couldn't resist entering my own duo.

Click here then click on the most stars.  Jackson's gallery comes up first so you have to click on "see other galleries for klg221" to see Madison's.  Be sure to rate all the photos!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Jackson made his way under the high chairs to help himself to the 
food he refused to eat from the tray.

We had a strong thunderstorm come through yesterday.  
The kids slept through the whole thing.

When I got them up Maddie's hair was WILD.  I guess it was a little humid.  Sorry baby girl.  The curls are a blessing and a curse.

Summer fun

Madison:  Jackson, don't we have the best mommy and daddy?
Jackson:  Yeah, they bought us this really awesome pool for our birthday.
Madison:  We're going to have so much fun in this all summer long!

Madison:  Hmmm, this isn't as fun as I thought it would be.

Madison:  Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Jackson:  Yeah, this pool has no water in it.  What good is a pool with no water??

Jackson:  This pool sucks, I'm outta here.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Olivia's recital

I went to see 4 year old Olivia in her first dance recital tonight.  I couldn't believe how beautiful she looked.  And she was REALLY good on stage.  She knew exactly what she was doing and she was very precise.  I was impressed!

The beautiful family!

Saturday, May 24, 2008


This is the result of "love Jackson".  They both grin from ear to ear and put their heads to each other.  Yesterday I was changing Madison's diaper on the floor and out of nowhere Jackson came over and kissed her right on the lips.  He went away to do something then came back and did it again!  This age is so much fun!!!

Poor Jackson lost his baby toe nail.  I noticed it was hanging off yesterday then a few hours later it was totally gone.  It didn't bother him at all but I feel so bad!  He's also lost half of two other nails.  His nails seem to be brittle and they split down the middle.  His fingernails have those white marks in them.  Doesn't that mean something?  Like he's lacking something from his diet?  Or is that just a wives tale?

If knee walking was an olympic sport Jackson would win the gold.  He is now known as Luke Kneewalker.  He's definitely quickly getting better at feet walking but he prefers to walk on his knees.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Too much cuteness!

Jackson looking James Bond-esque

Monday, May 19, 2008


This was my second bridal shower of the weekend (the third in May).  This is Chris's cousin and his fiance Lauren.  This is going to be one beautiful wedding.  I heard the guest list is at 250!

After the shower, Nana, Auntie and I drove right to Salem for a graduation party for two of Chris's other cousins.  Chris met us there with the babies.  It was at a beautiful restaurant with a wonderful view of the ocean.  We all had a lot of fun and the kids were running all over the place.

Jackson in Jim's hat

Jim graduated from the Citadel

Mike graduated from the local prep school.

Thank goodness for Mom.

They thought they were pretty cool sitting up there.  And yes, moments later Maddie tumbled right off that chair landing on her head.  She was pretty pissed off but totally fine.

Auntie and Maddie with Mike and Jim's sister Jill.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

14 months

Dear Madison and Jackson,

Finicky babies! UGH!! What happened to my good eaters?? Probably the day after I wrote your 13 month letters you both started to boycott foods you previously loved. Meal time is now a huge challenge and it totally stresses me out if you don't have a balanced meal for every meal. I figure at least now while I have control over what you eat I'm going to grow your bodies on healthy, non-processed, well rounded food. But that has already gone out the window. Well, not the non-processed stuff. I'm pretty serious when it comes to that. I don't mind if you have bad stuff occasionally when we're not home but for every day eating, only the best will do. I really want your bodies to have the best chance of being healthy and taking you through a very long life. OK, enough about food.
You have both started to "talk" to each other. One of you will babble and the other will babble right back and even laugh like you've said something funny.
You both learned the same day to climb up onto the futon in the playroom. It's lower than a normal couch so you both get up and down on your own very easily. Madison has only fallen on her head once getting down. :-) You both laugh and squeal while you're up there like you know it's someplace you shouldn't be.
You love your chairs that Nana bought you for Christmas. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is a show that Daddy plays for you a lot and he will tell you to get your chairs and you do! You will sit and watch the show. The only part of the show you really like are the songs.
You both are fascinated with lawn mowers. You love to look out the window when the neighbor mows our lawn and the other day we were on the Lynnfield Common enjoying the weather and some bubbles but you couldn't take your eyes off the riding lawn mower that was going back and forth near us. Jackson literally didn't move a muscle. He sat in one place the entire 30 minutes we were there. You couldn't have cared less about the bubbles.
These days you both wake up between 8:30 and 9. I get you up and make breakfast, change diapers, and feed you. Then you both go off and find toys to play with usually in the playroom. You both come back in the living room periodically to check on me ;-) I've been experimenting with keeping you up as long as possible rather than strictly putting you down for a morning nap. I'm hoping to eventually get you to sleep from 12-3 and have that be your only nap. You are able to stay up until 12 or 1 but you still won't stay asleep for more than an hour so you always end up needing another nap around 4 or 5. I know Jackson wakes up too early and that you both need to nap longer but I have no idea how to get Jackson to stay asleep (or get back to sleep)!
I think a lot about my relationship with you both and how it may be in the future. I can't imagine not adoring you to the degree I do when you're older but I have yet to meet a parent that seems to love their older children as much as I love you now. It always seems like older children or teenagers feel like their parents don't love them or even like them. No matter how our personalities may mesh (or not mesh) as you grow please know that literally couldn't love you more. I would feel like such a failure if you ever doubted that throughout your lives. Even if I deny you something you think you can't live without, know that it's because I'm looking out for you and am only trying to protect the two greatest gifts that God ever gave me. I love you more than you'll ever know.

Dear Jackson,

You took your first steps this month!! We were all so proud of you. You really enjoy the praise and love to flop into someones' arms after taking a few steps. So far you only walk if someone is holding your hand or if someone stands you up and someone else is there close enough to walk to. Other than that you crawl and walk on your knees. Your knees are really taking a beating and are very red and look sore.
You are able to climb up and down stairs with absolutely no fear whatsoever. On too many occasions when we're somewhere with stairs I'll go to look for you and find you at least half way up the stairs. You know to turn yourself around and go down backwards. I have no idea where you learned that because I know no one taught you. I guess you're just advanced ;-)
One thing I haven't talked about are distinguishing marks on your body. You have none. No freckles or marks anywhere.
Your hair is growing in since I cut it in March. The back definitely has a slight curl to it and continues to be a light brown. Your eyes have become a very deep, rich, solid brown and looking into them just makes me melt. Your eyelashes are thick and long and dark.
You also got your first tooth this month!!! The first was your bottom right and today I noticed the top left is showing!
When we try to get you to say "Auntie" you say "aaaa-DA". We always thought you were being a bugger and saying dada back but now we realize that you ARE saying auntie!
You have become a total snuggle bug. It's the best thing in the world to have you climb up me and settle into my lap. Your whole body relaxes and you let out a big sigh. I sit there and smell your hair, kiss your face, and stroke your soft skin. The other day you were so relaxed that you actually fell asleep on me for the first time in many months! It was heaven. Until I attempted to put you in your crib and accidentally dropped you (in the crib). You were very rudely awakened and you cried really hard.
You wear the same sizes as last month.

Dear Madison,You refuse to say anything but dada. We say mama, you say dada. We say nana, you say dada. We say Auntie, you say dada. You totally know what you're doing too. It's so funny.
As for marks on your body, the only thing you have is a tiny "strawberry" on your upper arm. I forget the technical name for it. I expect that like me you'll have freckles some day but I don't know when those start to show up. So far you have none.
Your eyes are a very slightly lighter shade of brown than Jackson's. They are so big and expressive. Your eyelashes are very long and thick but are a lighter color so they aren't as noticeable as Jackson's.
You have been stuck on 8 teeth for a few months now. I don't even know which ones will be the next to come in.
We think you may be allergic to nuts. One night Nana (don't worry nana, I totally don't blame you) was eating a weight watchers toffee crunch ice cream bar. Daddy told her that toffee has nuts in it (I had no idea) so she ate the chocolate/toffee coating off and let you bite the vanilla ice cream. Later they noticed you had a few hives on your neck and back! The box said there were almonds in the toffee so we'll be talking to Dr. C about that at your visit next month.
Like I said last month you get fairly clingy with me when we're out in a strange place. Not overly but enough that I need to stay near you. But the other day we were at Olivia's house and her daddy was making you really upset. You would frown and eventually start bawling and need Daddy or me to hold you. Olivia's daddy was very sad because he didn't mean to make you upset. Then a few days later we drove out to great grandma and great grandpa's house in western Mass. When we got there you wouldn't go anywhere near great grandpa but let great grandma hold you. You absolutely love Grandpa, Papa, and Daddy though.
When you walk around the house you always have a toy in each hand. One day I realized that it's always a like object...two balls, two small books, two stuffed animals, two sets of plastic keys. That totally amazes me!
I have no idea how you knew what I meant but one day I said "Love Jackson" and you went right up to him and put your head to his and smiled from ear to ear. Now Jackson knows the words too and he will meet you half way and try to hug you.
You enjoy sitting in my lap but you don't stay there very long. You'll get up and go do some things then come back and whine for me to pick you up again. You'll sit for a minute then fuss to get down again.
You wear the same sizes as last month.


I can finally talk about Auntie's wedding shower!!  It's been hard to keep the secret from her and it did slip from a few different people that she was having one but she still didn't know when.
The shower was at her fiance's mother's house.  I had never been there before and I was absolutely stunned.  It was so beautiful.  Trudy and her friends already had the whole place set up and decorated when we got there.  It was impeccably decorated.  The favors were martini glasses that were hand painted by Trudy's friend.  The signature drink of the night was a Cour-tini.  They were too good!  

Mothers of the bride and groom

My camera decided to focus on the trees BEHIND Courtney as she walked in but this picture really shows her reaction.  We scared the crap out of her!

These are 3 of the 4 ladies I will see get married this year.

The bridal party

The rest of the photos can be seen by clicking here. (click continue if asked)

Friday, May 16, 2008


Both kids can climb up and down from the futon by themselves.

Last Wednesday my mom and the kids and I drove out to see my grandmother in western Mass.  She just had her 80th birthday and mother's day so we wanted to spend some time with her.  We went to the Deerfield Inn for lunch.  It was a beautiful day so we were able to sit out on the patio.  The kids refused to eat anything but crackers.

Madison was loving the independent walking.  She kept walking up walkways to peoples' houses like they were her own.

The lilacs were in bloom

Why are frozen blueberries SO much messier than fresh??

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Caution: cuteness overload

Recently the kids have started "loving" things like stuffed animals.  If there is a bunny or bear laying around we'll say "love the bunny" and Jackson will hug it and rotate back and forth and Madison will put it on the floor and lay down on it.  Then we always say "AWWWW".  Now all we have to say is "awww" and they "love" the bunny.  The other day I told Madison to "love" Jackson and the above picture was the result.  Many things surprised me about this including the fact that she absolutely knew who Jackson was.  She will do it anytime we tell her to "love" him and it cracks him up too.

Today we went to Olivia's house to celebrate her 4th birthday.  She had been asking for a Cinderella dress so we got one for her.  She was nice enough to let Nichole wear her Belle dress for the day.  The two of them were having so much fun playing.

When we got to Olivia's (about an hour away from our hose) the kids woke up when the car stopped.  Then we brought them into a house full of people and kids.  I think they were a little confused and overwhelmed...especially Madison.  She really never came out of her shell and would have an absolute meltdown if anyone else tried to go near her or if one of us left the room.  

The last time we all got together in March Madison let Marc (Olivia's dad) hold her the entire time we were at the party (pictured above).  He was so happy!  Today was a different story.  See the two sequential pictures below.  She was looking directly at him in the first photo.  This was the face she would give anytime someone looked at her.  It was heartbreaking because it wasn't a bratty cry.  She was just pathetic.  Look at those doe eyes!!  Oh, and the die for cute.

Friday, May 09, 2008


Jackson checking out the view at the playground

I left the kitchen for two seconds and when I came back Madison was like this.

When someone starts to sing itsy bitsy spider Jackson immediately puts his arms up for the "out came the sun" line long before you get to it.

The other day our neighbor came to mow our lawn.  The kids stood at the window like this for at least a half hour watching him.  When he was done he just played out on the lawn doing kartwheels and they were loving it!