Wednesday, March 26, 2014

7th Birthday Part

For their 7th birthday party they both wanted an ice skating party.  They both love ice skating and we really don't go enough!  We had a couple of friends from our days at Tower (preschool), another set of boy girl twins we met at gymnastics, their cousins, and the rest were all from their kindergarten class that they have stayed close with.  Auntie and Uncle Steve, Auntie Kristen, Grandma and Grandpa, Papa, and even Nana Fitzy also came to celebrate.
Our fabulous cake lady came through with amazing Frozen cakes.  I made favors of little jelly jars filled with blue chocolate candies and a ring of blue glittery tape.  Since everything Frozen themed is not able to be found I at least wanted to make the table all blue.  With the cakes it was clear what the theme of the party was.

I'm not sure how the pictures will show up and function below.  It's been so long since I've posted that flickr changed its interface and I haven't even attempted to embed any pictures since then.  I THINK these are going to be a slide show but maybe you need to click the arrows to advance?

7 Years Old

How are my babies 7 years old??  I guess everyone is caught off guard how quickly time goes by but this is really ridiculous.  

I really couldn't ask for better kids.  I love them both so much and they are told multiple times a day.  They are doing great in 1st grade (same class still).  They are very well behaved and the teacher says they are great roll models for the rest of the class.  What more could parents ask for?

Their birthday (St. Patrick's day) fell on a Monday so we had their party the Saturday before.  Jackson had soccer Monday afternoon and we asked if he wanted to take the day off so we could go to the Irish pub we usually go to on their birthday but he said no!  So all four of us went to to soccer and watched him.  After he was done we went to the pub.  It was crowded!