Wednesday, September 26, 2007

September 27, 2007

This week has been crazy. I didn't even have a minute to post their weights from their 6 month checkup.

Jackson = 16 lb 4 oz (25%)
Madison = 13 lb 13 oz (25%)

I don't remember length but know they were also both 25%.

Last friday my friend Stacey (we work together at night) and I started walking together. We both are comitted to get in better shape so we're making specific plans and we're doing it together. I cheated on her on Monday and walked with my mother but we walked Tuesday and Wednesday and have plans for Friday. I'm also trying to incorporate other people into the walks too. Gianna's mom, Michelle came with us on Wednesday and Friday we're going in my neighborhood with another set of twins that I met in the last couple of weeks.

OH, Monday night after the kids went to bed I had fallen asleep at 1:30 and Jackson woke up at 2 crying. I went in and tried to give him a binky but he wouldn't stop crying so I picked him up to rock him to find that he was almost too hot to touch. I didn't even bother taking his temperture, well, because I didn't want to know. I gave him some tylenol of the baby kind and the two of us (intermitantly) slept on the futon in the playroom. After an hour he didn't feel as hot. In the morning I took his temp and it was low. He still wasn't acting like himself though. By Tuesday afternoon he was burning up again and just looked so pathetic. All I wanted to do was lay down and hold him but alas I have another baby who also needs my attention. I gave him more tylenol and he took a good long nap. When he woke up Wednesday morning he was all smiles and cool! I was so happy.

I tried to give Jackson a bite of applesauce today and he did a little better. Michelle left a comment on one of my feeding posts that Gianna was doing the same awful face with food and already she's now loving food! So I'll just keep trying!

Madison has started getting up on her hands and knees from her belly and rocking back and forth. I was able to get it on video this morning.

They're both sitting up better and better every day. The sight of them sitting up totally freaks me out. I'm SO not ready for them to look so old. I feel like my heals are constantly dug into the ground of time and I'm screaming "STOP!" I just love them so much and I'm not ready to have stages of their lives be stages that I will never witness again. Being a mom is hard.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Another attempt

This time I fed them separately and tried applesauce. I don't think they actually ingested any of it! Does this mean they're not ready? Or do I need to keep trying since this is a totally new experience for them? I tried with Jackson for a third time today but got the same horrible face and crabby crying. In Madison's video she gets distracted by the cat then suddenly remembers there's some awful stuff in her mouth.

click here to see
Madison Eating

click here to see Jackson eating

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Six Months

Dear Madison and Jackson,

Another month is gone and one more month closer to your first birthday. I can’t believe in six months you will be a year old. And I know it will go even faster than the last six months.

We had lots of fun this month but also had a very sad time with great-nana going to heaven. We are very lucky to have lots of pictures and video of her with you both. It goes without saying that she loved you so much. As her only great-grandchildren she was so proud to have you both in her life. She thought you had wonderful personalities and that you were both so beautiful...really. Daddy and I brought you to her wake and funeral so we could say goodbye to her as a family. I think everyone else loved having you there as you brought smiles to everyone’s faces during such a sad time.

A couple of days ago you both had your first food! I made sweet potatoes for you but neither of you were very appreciative. You both made some pretty awful faces. I don't think it was because you don't like the flavor of sweet potatoes though, I think it was just because it was something other than flavor and texture. We'll keep trying until you get the hang of it.

With the hot summer days we didn’t do too much outside. We mostly stayed in the air conditioning. You spent a lot of your time in the exersaucers. You love them so much and are very content in them. The play mat is a thing of the past except to be used as a blanket on which you immediately roll off of.

You are both grabbing things like a pro now. It so hard to imagine that just a month or so ago it was quite a challenge for you and that there was a time where it didn’t even cross your mind to grab things. Now you will grab (and put directly in your mouth) whatever I put in front of you. You love to play with the plastic interlocking rings and plastic keys and even your binkies. When we have gone for walks I will string the rings across the stroller in front of both of you and it keeps you entertained while we’re out.

You are still sleeping well at night. Daddy still wakes you up at 11pm to give you one last bottle and you’ll sleep until 8 or 9 and sometimes 10am. You both lay in your crib and play and talk for a LONG time before someone starts to fuss in the morning and I have to get out of bed. And even after that I will put you in your exersaucers and try to wait until 10 to give you your first bottle. We play after that and you both will cat nap here and there but nothing solid. At noon daddy comes home for lunch and plays with you. I feed you again at 2 and then will put you down for a nap in your crib after that. You CAN sleep for up to 3 hours although right now, Madison is up and is grumpy and fighting sleep. Daddy comes home around 5:30 so I can go to work. He feeds you at 6 and you all play and cat nap until 11 when he gives you your last bottle. We don’t hear a peep from either of you through the night. We are so blessed.

Daddy discovered on your 6 month birthday that you both can sit up! I guess I’ve never really tried it so I didn’t know you could do it! You easily fall over but you can both sit and play with a toy in front of you until you lose your balance.

No teeth yet but still lots of drooling and chewing on things.

You both roll over very easily and can move around in a circle. No one has figured out how to move forward though although you both will kick your feet like crazy like you think it will get you somewhere.

One thing I haven't talked about much is the attention that we get when we go places. It is absolutely impossible to go anywhere without someone stopping me and asking about you both. "Are they twins?" "A boy and a girl?" Then there are the typical comments "You've got your hands full." (to which I answer "better than empty") "Double trouble" "Instant family" "boy and you're done" (what if I wanted 10 kids??). People are funny but it makes it impossible to get anything done quickly. The attention drives daddy crazy. Most of the time he just breezes by people saying "yup, they're twins". I on the other hand welcome the attention. I am so proud that you are my children and I know how blessed I am to have you that I think I am very lucky to have to deal with such wonderful attention.

You both eat 7-8oz of formula 4 times a day. Gone are the days of propping up a bottle and feeding you both at the same time. And there is no way I can feed one of you without the other seeing the bottle and getting all upset. So bottle time has become tricky.

Your eyes are still that strange non-color I talked about last month.

It still amazes me how much I love you both. I love you so much that I swear no human being has ever loved anyone the way I love you. I am so overwhelmed by the emotion sometimes and I often bring myself to tears. You are the two most amazing creatures in the entire universe.


You get more and more handsome by the day. Your smile is contagious and thrilling to anyone that you deem is worthy of seeing the site. Most people comment that you are a little flirt with your coy looks and one raised eyebrow. You make people smile and laugh everywhere we go. Your eyes get all squinty when you smile. Like you're just so excited you can't stand it. Daddy says I smile the same way and I love that you get that from me since you look just like Daddy in every other way!

I swear, every time you wake up, you are bigger. You are just growing like a weed. Your 2-3 swaddlers are already getting small on you and we just moved you into them a couple weeks ago. That is the biggest size swaddlers too. I'm just not ready for you to be in cruisers!! Even though I think you're very big you do still fit into some size 3 month onesies. Most of your current fitting clothes are 3-6 months. I'm not sure what you weigh at this point. We'll find out at your checkup on Monday. I'm curious to see what percentile you are compared to Madison.

You're not as into your binky as you used to be. You'll still take it every now and again but if you're really upset the only thing that will make you happy is to have a bottle in your mouth or to fall asleep.

Your head is still bald and so velvety soft although you do have a slightly fuller strip of hair in the middle of the top of your head. It looks like a mohawk.

Names I call you: Buddy, Tank as a joke but I don't actually refer to you as that, hmmm, I guess that's it. I call you Buddy oh and Guy and Big Guy. Why, I have no idea.

No injuries this month!

Dear Madison,

You also get more beautiful by the day. You're such a pretty baby and your smile is captivating. You smile the most enthusiastically when you first see someone after not seeing them for a period of time. It is so rewarding to be the recipient of one of those smiles. It makes me feel so loved by you. Your eyes get all big and wide when you smile like you're so excited to look at who you're smiling at.

You are still tiny. I wonder what Dr. C will say when she sees you. Grandma says I was always really low weight percentile wise so maybe you just get that from me and you're doing just fine. We have you in the size 2-3 swaddlers like your brother but they're a little big on you. You actually still fit in newborn size clothes!! But mostly we have you in 3-6 month size.

You are all about the binky now. You used to not care about it or need it, but now you need it and it will ALWAYS stop you from crying. It's like magic.

Your hair is really growing in now in the back and sides and the front is getting fuller and longer.

Names I call you: Baby Peanut, Peanut, Baby Girl.

No injuries this month!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

September 16, 2007

This morning I had a photoshoot with a co-worker and her son and husband and niece. Her son Brandon's due date was a day after M&J's due date. He ended up being a month younger but a lot bigger. Here are the three of them together. Brandon is one handsome guy!

After the shoot I went to Shauna's house for a visit and to meet Harper (pictured below). Shauna and her mom have three dogs and they all loved the babies. There were lots of kisses going around.

Madison asleep in her bumbo clutching her keys

Jackson asleep in Shauna's mother's arms. They both just fell asleep right there in the kitchen in the middle of our (loud) conversation

You can see more pictures of Harper and all of my photo shoots at my KLG Productions blog linked to the right.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

M and her cute shakey voice

Madison's been doing this really cute shakey voice thing. As usual whenever I get the camera out she won't do it. Tonight I had her on the changing table and she did it a bunch of times so I went and grabbed the camera (with her in my arms of course). Luckily she continued to do it. It's a little hard to hear the shakiness but it's there and it always makes her cough...too cute. You can see the mosquito bites on her forehead :-(

First food was not a success

Madison and Jackson got their first food today. I mashed up sweet potatoes with some formula. They looked good in their high chairs for the first time and even looked like they were expecting something. (He looks SO much bigger than her in this picture!)
I started with Madison because she was fussing just sitting there. She didn't seem to mind the food at first. Then I went onto Jackson who proceeded to GRAB the spoon and shove it to his mouth. Once he realized that something stayed in his mouth he wasn't crazy about it. Then Madison started fussing again so I gave her more and this time she made a horrible face like I was feeding her tobasco sauce or something. Jackson was making the same face. So we didn't put a dent in the bowl of potatoes so I froze most of what I made. We'll try again later today so they can start to learn.
The video is a couple minutes long but I think it's cute.

In other big news today, we put in their "big kid" car seats. The carriers were getting way too heavy to carry both at the same time. This is going to change the way I do everything! Is it OK to bring one to the car while the other is contained in the house then leave the other in the car to get the other one? I think I mentioned before that my driveway is COMPLETELY private and most people don't even know there is a house back here, but I still feel weird leaving one in the car while I go get the other one. How do other twin moms do it? I suppose I could put one in the bjorn and carry the other?? I need advice!

Poor Madison got two mosquito bites right on her forehead the other night. They look awful! Almost like blisters.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Random videos

Nothing too exciting but who can resist seeing M&J in motion? Well, one is pretty funny if you're a Forrest Gump fan.

This one I love how Jackson startles every time I do it. And I love how Madison is playing with Jackson's foot.

In this one Madison can't make up her mind if she's upset or not.

This one, Madison is just cute.

Again, Madison just being cute, but she hits herself in the face in her funny dance move.

Jackson jumping.

This is for all you forrest gump fans. See if you can tell what part of the movie Jackson is imitating.

Catch up

I need to make up for my silence. Hopefully it will be worth the wait.

Quick story from today. I gave the kids a bath today. Jackson peed in the bath then Madison peed on me after the bath. Now they're napping and I'm sitting here updating my blog in a pee covered tank top and I don't even care.

The days of saying goodbye to Nana were sad but also filled with wonderful times spent with family. Chris's father's family is so wonderful and fun and caring and loving and sarcastic all at the same time. You know when someone makes fun of you, it means they love you. M&J were there for the wake and funeral and burial and the gathering after. They were perfectly behaved though they did let out a few squawks during the Mass, but they weren't upset squawks...just talking. Everyone said they were so glad they were there because it lightened the mood. Plus I think Nana would have wanted them there.

I finally got a photo of Madison that I'm happy with. I should get it in the mail tomorrow and I'll finally be able to bring down all my framed prints to Dr. C's office. I appreciate all the votes. I agreed with the most popular vote but I just wasn't crazy about her smile so I've been on a mission to get a better one. What do y'all think of this one??

Jackson in Uncle Mike's sun glasses. Mike and future Auntie Kristen had gone back to Atlanta last tuesday after a week long stay. It was great to spend time with them but it wasn't nearly enough. The day after they went back, Nana passed away so they were back up here on Thursday. This time we really got to spend a lot of time with them. They also decided they are going to move back up here next summer before the wedding. They were initially planning on moving back in 4 years but decided to move up their plans. We're thrilled about that!

Jackson and Mommy after a nap (yes, my sheets don't match)

The two pictures above were taken at the Deutsche Bank Classic golf tournament. Chris, my dad, and I volunteer to work at it every year. Last year M&J were in my belly during the tournament. It was fun to show them off to people we know there this year. While we were there walking around with M&J (a day we weren't working) Steve Stricker's caddie (who I believe is his brother) stopped to talk to us because he saw the two babies. He practically jumped in front of the stroller and started tickling Madison's feet. He was beaming. Come to find out he has a 3 month old Madelyn. He said they wanted to name her Madison but they are from Madison WI and didn't want to do that to her. (In case you don't know who Steve Stricker is, he is at the top of the point standings for this golf season...up there with Tiger Woods and Phil Mickleson)

Working at the tournament this year was fun as usual. I only worked two days and one day I got to work with a guy that was so much fun. I work a shotlink laser that tracks every shot a player takes. The laser measures distance of the drive and distance to the pin so the announcers know what they're talking about at any given moment. It's a fun job and you get to see all the famous players hit their ball right in front of you. Anyway I worked with Earl one day. He was like a comedian talking to all the spectators. He made the day fly by and my cheeks hurt from laughing so much. One thing that was bad though, that morning I got stung by a bee! Right on my inner upper thigh! I'm always shocked at how much that hurts. I sat there with ice between my legs for the morning!

Tuesday (9/11) I brought the kids to my mother's in the morning so she could watch them while I went to acupuncture. By the time I got back it was POURING. I wanted to wait for it to let up before going back home. I was there until 5! I ended up leaving them there because Chris was going to be working late so we needed someone to watch them. Chris ended up being at work until 10pm! So they stayed overnight at my mom's house. I slept til 11:30 the next day!!!!! Oddly enough I was still tired.

Today was a home day! We went to the grocery store this morning but since then have just been at home playing, eating, bathing, and I put a bunch of food in the crock pot. It smells wonderful I just hope it tastes as good.

hopefully I'll get some videos up now.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Sad day

Barb and Madison on Easter 2007

Chris's grandmother passed away suddenly tonight. Chris's father was on the phone with her when she went silent. He called the police who broke into her house to find her unconscious. They were unable to revive her.

Barb, Bruce, Chris, Jackson, and Madison at the end of March 2007

Since this is my blog I am going to share some stories about her.

Barb and I had a few things in common, two of which being our love for Christopher (her first grandchild) and the fact that we both carried twins. Sadly one of her girls didn't make it after birth but wonderful Aunt Judy wasn't done with this world and we are so happy to have her in our lives.

M&J, Courtney, Steve, Judy and I spent this past Sunday with Barb. Barb loves to tell the story of how when Chris was little and he would visit her house he would run right for the record player and put on Frank Sinatra and the two of them would dance around the living room. It is both of their favorite memories of each other. It makes me think what memories my children will have with our parents. We spent the time there watching Madison and Jackson rolling around on the floor showing off for Great-Nana.

Barb, Bruce, Chris, Jackson, and Madison on Easter 2007

One Easter the year before Chris and I got married, Barb informed us that she would not be attending our wedding since we were not planning on getting married in a church. I actually have no recollection of this but Judy remembers me crying my eyes out and she reminds me every Easter :-) We told her that the church we wanted to get married in was too expensive so she offered to pay the fee as her wedding gift to us. She ended up attending and it was certainly our most memorable wedding gift.

I am so sad that she is gone. Sad that we didn't know last Christmas would be our last with her, sad that she will not see her other two grandchildren get married next year, sad that I will not get to taste her amazing cooking again, sad about a hundred other things, but most of all I am thankful. Thankful that I got to know her so well and spend so much time with her and thankful that she got to meet Madison and Jackson. She loved them so much and thought they were so beautiful and special and I will be able to tell them that one day.