Saturday, July 28, 2007

Pictures (uploaded all at once!!!)

new roof

Last weekend my dad came over to help chris reshingle our roof. Unfortunately Chris woke up Saturday with a terrible aching back. He worked anyway all day long banging nails into the roof. By Sunday morning when my dad came back, Chris could barely move. So my dad ended up doing a couple hours of work by himself. We ended up dressing up Jackson in a baseball cap and this bib that looks like a work outfit. There is even a tool belt with a fake hammer in it. I brought him outside and said that Jackson was going to fill in for Chris. It was cute.

They are so cute when they nap together. They are really moving around a lot now so they're always bumping into eachother. One day I watched Madison whack Jackson in the face while he was sleeping but she was still awake. I was amazed how he never even flinched!

Last night was their first night unswaddled (at Nana's house) to sleep at night. I was worried they would startle themselves awake but she said they slept straight through! They're not in the same crib anymore and now that they're not going to be swaddled it's a good thing! We also may have to empty out their crib of all their stuffed animals that until now weren't at risk of being rolled into. We'll see how tonight goes.

The grandparents are fighting over watching M&J and they keep score of who watches long...if it's overnight. Nana had them last night so now Grandma has to have them tomorrow night. Luckily we all get along great so this is just a friendly competition.

Dad and Chris on the roof last weekend

Oh, and Jackson is completely healed up now

Thursday, July 26, 2007

This was my Wednesday

Stacie documented her day with the twinkies the other day. I found it interesting and wanted to see what my day would look like in writing. So I did it today. Of course every day is completely different here since we are constantly out doing stuff but today was a little of staying home and going out.

8-8:45 babies up change, feed

8:45- 10:45 babies play and nap in pnp. Check email etc. I try to rest on the couch. I think we all slept for an hour!

10:45-11:15 babies sit in bouncy chairs while watching baby golf dvd so I can take a shower! This was a first and Jackson ended up crying the whole time (well, the 5 minutes I was in the shower he cried)

11:15-11:30 got babies dressed and in car seats and made formula for the next 24 hours

11:30 out the door to go to A.C. Moore to buy some frames for a project

11:33 back in house to clean maddie and car seat because she threw up all over it and herself

11:45 back out the door

12:30 back home. Kids fell asleep on the way home. Now sleeping in car seats in other room. Cleaned percolator and brewed more coffee. Played on computer.

1:30 Madison wakes up to eat

2:00 Jackson wakes up to eat and Chris comes home for lunch

2:15 eat lunch that Chris makes on the grill

2:30 prepare coffee for refrigerator so we have coffee for the next 24 hours. Babies in bouncy chairs for a while then in pnp. I sang to them. They smiled.

3:45 put babies in cribs for attempt at official nap. I’m still playing on the computer. But I did empty the trash and put my massive printer away. Uploaded video. Updated blog with video. Sent to a friend but she couldn’t view it so I’m learning to use google video.

4:20 Maddie woke up but I gave her a binky and she went back to sleep. Still learning to use google video. Crashed on me. Chatted with a friend about geeky technical stuff.

5:20 kids are still sleeping and I really need to get up and get ready for work!

5:40 kids are stirring in their cribs but not totally awake yet. Chris is home from work so it’s time for me to go. Never got google video to work.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Why did no one tell me you could upload more than one picture at a time!!!!?????!!!!! To think of all the time I've wasted...UGH!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Jewish Jackson

Nowadays (is that how you spell that?? Is it even a real word??) this seems to be a controversial subject. I'm not sure if it's a regional thing or what. Around here it's very common but to my cyber friends abroad you may condemn me. I beg you if you are reading this and you have a problem with circumcision in any way STOP READING NOW!!!! My purpose is not to get into a discussion of right or wrong. My purpose is to tell an amusing story of thinking outside the box which too few people do.

When Jackson was born we asked the OB to do the deed. She said he was born too small and she didn't feel comfortable doing it. After we left the hospital Dr. C told us a pediactric urologist would have to do it and he would be put under general anesthesia! we thought that was quite unnecessary for something that is perfomed on a daily basis with numbing cream. We knew there had to be a way around this. I called a jewish temple in my town to find out if they ever do non-ceremonial circumcisions. I spoke to a mohel and the next day I was at his house having the procedure done at 4 months old! we had to pay him $200 but we would have run into insurance issues if we had had it done at the hospital (which never would have wasn't THAT important to me)

Now I have to defend and justify myself a little. One of the reasons people say that circs are unnecessary is that if you teach your son how to clean it you won't have a problem with possible infection. Ok, I believed that. But are you telling me that when your son is 12 years old and going through the whole "i'm not taking a shower" phase that you're going to be on him to make sure his penis is being cleaned properly?????
THEN, the mohel told me that for some babies it IS necessary to remove the foreskin in order to clean it properly. If the foreskin is loose then it isn't necessary to remove it because it is easily moved around in order to clean. If it is tight it can be too difficult and often painful to pull it back in order to clean. He told me that Jackson was borderline and that he would have recommended a circ for him anyway.

The prodecure was so simple. He put numbing cream on it and we waited about an hour. We laid him on the table, I held him down, the mohel did the prodecure in literally 20 seconds. He was crying but I know it was just because he was being held down. He bandaged him up, we waited about 10 minutes, he checked it to make sure it wasn't bleeding too much and we were on our way. He totally fell asleep on the way home and since then he has not acted fussier than normal at all! He cried just as much getting his shots yesterday and Dr. C said it's healing up perfectly.

I'll probably have to take this post down at some point because I'm sure Jackson won't appreciate that the world is reading about his penis.

Monday, July 23, 2007

4 Month Check-up

We saw Dr. C today. I probably haven't mentioned this before and I'm not sure why but Dr. C is awesome.

This a crazy long boring story so if you're just looking to find out M&J's weights, scroll down.

Every year I make a video yearbook for Chris's mother's kindergarten class. This past January I got a call from a mother saying that her DVD worked in some DVD players but not her one at home (this is very common unfortunately with equipment). I told her I would make her a new copy no problem. I told Chris's mother (Eileen) about who had called and she went on and on about how nice that lady was and how she was a doctor in town. I had let the mother know that I was pregnant with twins and she was thrilled that Eileen was going to have grandchildren.

My mom started talking about this new dr. she started seeing about a year ago. She was in love with her! Dr. was SO nice and personable and everytime she would go to the office the dr. would ask her personal questions that she was surprised she even remembered. As I'm sure many of you know, dr.s just don't care that much. She raved about her so much that I was going to switch to her the next time I needed an appointment.

Turns out it was the same person! Luckily she has a family practice so I was able to bring M&J there as well and now I go there!

So the funnest thing was when I went to an appointment and brought my mother. We don't share the same last name anymore so Dr. C almost fell off her chair when she realized M&J were the grandchildren of two women she knows!

But anyway, Dr. C is awesome. She even gave me her home phone number at our first appointment when they were 7 days old so that I wouldn't have to talk to a dr. on call. Who does that??

And I spoke with her about hanging up some of my child and family photography in her office so that I can hopefully get some business out of it. She looked at my website and loved my work so now I have to get working on printing and framing!

OK, now for the good stuff...

Jackson weighed 13 lb 4 oz! and is 23 inches tall
Madison weighed 12 lb 1 oz and is 22 1/4 inches tall

She said they were both in the 25th percentile for height and weight and she is SO proud of them for coming from the 5th percentile in the beginning.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

More Pictures

Madison sleeping on the floor in her room. I love this image!

An attempt to get a photo of the two of them

Things didn't go well for Maddie. Jackson says "It wasn't me, I swear!"


The pictures above are of the outfits that auntie bought for them at Christmas. I remember thinking they would never fit in them. They are size 0-3 months and I SQUEEZED them into them last night just for the photo op. Not the best photos but still cute.

This picture was the set up for the photo at the top of their "4 month" post. This just cracked me up.

Madison sneezing

Madison and Grandpa

Madison in her exersaucer/jumper thingy. Her feet don't reach the ground and she's not totally stable in it so we have towels surrounding her. She loves to look at everything and smile.


Jackson in his bumbo


Playing at the park

My friend Stacey from work told me about this park in Danvers. I had never been there so the 6 of us went last week. It was really nice with barns and animals and a pond and flowers and a mansion and a playground. Stacey's kids are older than mine so they enjoyed themselves running around. I also got to take some nice pictures of them.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Conception Day

A year ago yesterday our little miracles were conceived. from a microscopic egg and sperm to what I'm holding in my arms right now. The 22nd is when they were placed in my belly. Lots of happy anniversaries coming up...positive test, finding out it was twins, telling everyone. I can't believe it all started a year ago.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

4 Months old

Dear Madison and Jackson,

Every letter to you will probably start off by saying “I can’t believe you are __ months old” and this one is no different. Four months. You have both defied my strict orders to not grow. Everyone (Daddy) always says they can’t wait for you to do this or that but I am the opposite. I want you to stay exactly how you are now forever. I waited so long for this and it just feels like it’s slipping through my fingers no matter how thoughtful and aware I am of each and every day. I never take a day for granted and yet here you are four months old in what seems like a week. Your growing is going to get harder and harder for me to accept even though I am so in love with who you are now and I know I will be even more in love with you a month from now.
Our days are so fun now (not that they weren’t before). We wake up around 7 or 8 (used to be 9 or 10 so we’re working on getting that back since I don’t get to sleep until 1:30 in the morning) eat 7oz (new today). You both usually go on the activity mats in the playroom and eat your hands while talking to the hanging toys. You both like tummy time and easily roll over to your back. We have also in the last week started putting you in the exersaucer/jumper with blankets to take up space in there. Neither of you grab for things yet so basically you just look at all the colors. After 30-60 minutes of play time you both fall asleep on the mat. I have been trying to put you both in your cribs (oh yeah, Daddy decided one night while I was at work that you needed your own cribs…I wasn’t too happy about that) when I notice that you’re getting drowsy. It’s been working so far but we’re not always home at that point. Usually Jackson falls asleep first and about 30 minutes later Madison is ready for sleep but at that point Jackson is waking up. Then Jackson is up for about 30 minutes and then wants to go back to sleep but fights it and gets very cranky. Shortly after Jackson is back to sleep, Madison wakes up. I don’t get much time without an awake baby. Daddy comes home for lunch and you eat again around 1. Then the same play/sleep/wake up/sleep/wake up schedule happens again then you eat again around 5. Daddy comes home around 5:30 so I can go to work. He says you play for a bit then around 8 you both fall asleep basically for the night except that Daddy wakes you up at 11 to give you one more bottle then he swaddles you and puts you to bed. In case you’re keeping count, that’s 3 feedings for Mommy and 1 for Daddy!! And this is because of your new earlier waking time…it throws off the whole schedule for the day. This is why I started you on 7oz today to see if you will make it longer in the morning.
We go out a LOT. Pretty much every day we (I) have something to do. You both are still perfectly behaved while we are out although it’s probably because you sleep most of the time. You in your car seats are very close to impossible for me to carry at the same time anymore. We have regular car seats for you but you can’t hold your heads up perfectly yet in order for me to sit you in a grocery store carriage. Plus going from the house to the car I would most likely have to take one down to the car strap you in then leave you to go back for the other. Even though our driveway is completely private and secluded I still feel weird about it.
You both are noticing each other on a regular basis now. Today for the first time you both were looking at each other and talking to each other. Nana was holding Jackson up to Madison and you both were just staring and cooing at each other. That was to die for cute. I can’t wait to see you interact with each other more (did I just say that?).
I am the luckiest mother on the planet to have the two of you for my children.

Dear Jackson,

You are my favorite little man. You seriously melt my heart and I just love everything about you. Your face is amazingly expressive and you just always make me laugh. I can ALWAYS get you to smile (well, unless you’re miserably crying) even if it’s the most adorable half smile through your binkie. You have the most adorable pouty lip when you’re upset. I HAVE to get a picture of it someday.

A few weeks ago you slowed down considerably on your spitting up. Now it’s just a very small amount when you burp if any at all and then you leak a bit for a little while after eating. 3 weeks later now we see the effects of you keeping all your food IN your body. You are HUGE! (well, compared to what you used to be anyway). Your head and face is now bigger than Madison’s which it never was. I have a feeling Dr. C is going to be very proud of you at your checkup next Monday. I’m guessing you’ll be 13 pounds.

You now are a pro at getting your hands to your mouth and sucking on your fingers. Not your thumb though. You’ve started drooling too and blowing bubbles. You are now able to sit in your bumbo with no problem and you look too cute for words sitting up like a big boy. You still aren’t grabbing for toys with your fingers but if there is a cloth or blanket in your lap you will move it up and into your mouth.

Also a few weeks ago you noticed a toy attached to your car seat handle. We call him “the blue guy” (aren’t we original?) and he is your best friend. You smile and talk to him as much as you do to us when we’re provoking you. Sometimes after a while you get fussy and we think you’re mad because he doesn’t talk back to you. Then we make up what you’re saying…”Why won’t you talk to me? I just want to be friends!” I think at this point he’s getting old but he does still manage to get some good smiles and conversations out of you.

These are the names that I call you…my guy, baby guy, little man, beautiful boy, my love, handsome man, handsome guy, handsome boy, cranky pants, mister man.

Injuries this month…a big plastic toy fell on your forehead and you screamed bloody murder. I wanted to die! I was right there and saw it falling but couldn’t get to it in time. Your horrible cry made me sick to my stomach. You were fine 5 minutes later and took a nice long nap. I, however, took a little longer to recover. You didn’t even have a mark to show for it.

Dear Madison,

You are still such a little doll although you’re really finding your voice lately. You definitely let us know when you are unhappy but you are very easy to calm down. Also you “talk” a ton now. You will lay in your pack-n-play and go on and on all by yourself. If I even come near you with a camera to video tape it you immediately shut up. You smile a lot more now too and it’s such a sweet smile. You love to do “Super Madison” and your face just lights up. Very cute.

You are now smaller than your brother which is strange, but I suppose the way it will be from now on. I think you will weigh 11.5 – 12 pounds on Monday. You are considerably lighter than your brother.

You still aren’t grabbing for toys with your fingers but you are able to grab hold of your dress and pull it up and into your mouth much to the dismay of Daddy. He’s constantly telling you not to show your belly!

These are the names I call you…baby girl, sweet girl, my love, milk face (you are the worst eater on the planet!), beautiful girl, pretty baby.

You have never been injured but you startle very easily. For some reason the baby monitor we have sometimes completely flakes out and makes this REALLY loud interference noise and of course comes out of the blue. Today we were sitting outside waiting for Daddy to come home while Jackson was sleeping in his crib. The monitor was right next to us when it decided to make that horrible noise. You were sitting on my lap and I jumped a mile and probably made some sort of noise. You weren’t facing me and it didn’t dawn on me that you would react in any way. A few seconds later you let out this horrible scream and you cried like you did when you got your shots. It was awful! I felt so bad that you could be so scared by something.
OH! And you choke all the time! Many times I have to whack you on your back to get you to breathe again. I HATE it! All I can think of is what happens if you do it in the middle of the night and no one is there to help you…

4 month transformation

Saturday, July 14, 2007

July 14, 2007

Lots of new photos here

Friday, July 13, 2007

Fun Day

Today i got to meet a friend of mine that I met on a chat board of sorts of all women who were due in April. Melissa and her family drove out from Ohio to do the Boston area sightseeing deal. We first met up in Gloucester where they had bee on a whale watch. We had lunch together. Then I had them follow me to Salem. We went to the wharf where I take a lot of my photos so I took some of Melissa, her husband Tom, 5 year old daughter Emily, and 2.5 month old Allison. Emily got into the whole photo shoot idea and even became the photographer. She took this one of me!

The last one is of Me, Melissa and our "April" babies.

You can see the rest of the photos here

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Oh my babies are so cute!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

First 4th of July

First Family Vacation

We headed down to the Cape to visit Chris's grandmother last Saturday. I thought we'd get the kids up around 8 or 9 and be on the road by 10-ish (silly mommy of twins). After packing everyone's stuff we were finally ready to go at 12:30. We got there around 3 after a stop at a rest stop to feed M&J where Madison decided she was going to vomit all over me and the booth at McDonalds. UGH! Why does she insist on doing this to me??
We had a nice dinner with Nana that Chris cooked on the grill while Nana and I made other stuff in the kitchen. We wanted to make it to the beach with the babies before it got dark out. So we packed them up in the stroller and walked a few blocks to the ocean. It was SO cold and windy but I made them suffer through it to get those photos of them in the sand. Then we went back and had dessert and watched the red sox game and made the babies smile on their play matt.
Sunday we got up and had breakfast then the four of us went to Mashpee Commons which is a big shopping area. We had lunch there and window shopped then went back to Nana's.
Gia and Loren were also in the same town we were visiting Gia's Mother so we went over there where they have a pool. It was still pretty cool but we took them in anyway. They both cried at first but ended up enjoying it as I moved them around in the water. We took video but didn't get any pictures. Then we went back to Nana's for dinner then went back to Gia's and hung out there for the evening. Monday morning Gia and Loren came to Nana's and we all walked to the beach. M&J weren't overly happy about being there but it was all downhill after putting their feet in the ocean. It took us a long time to calm them down after that but they eventually fell asleep in the stroller.
We had to get on the road so that I could get to work for 6pm so we packed up and said goodbye to Nana. We hope to go down again in the next few weeks.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Weekend of firsts

We had a great time on our first family vacation to Cape Cod. M&J were perfectly behaved as usual. I'll go into detail later but for now here are my favorite photos.


Jackson's first time in the ocean

Madison's first time in the ocean

Jackson and Great Nana Fitz

No! Don't eat the baby!!

Here is the new July album which so far is all pictures from our trip to the cape

M&J went in a pool for the first time
They touched the sand on a beach for the first time
and they touched their feet in the ocean for the first time.