Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Quick update

Now I'm sick.  It's not been a fun 3 weeks starting with both of them having two separate fevers each, then both having a cold and sharing it with me.  I was OK most of the day Sunday but by the afternoon I was SO sick.  Monday and today have not been fun.  They seem to be feeling OK except for Madison's runny nose, but taking care of them and dealing with their usual whinyness is very difficult.  My mom came over for a couple hours today which was a huge help but I really could have used an entire day of sleep.  I'm off to work now to get a little done.  I probably won't stay all night so I can come home and get to bed early for a change.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Kristen's bridal shower

Kristen's shower was held at Eileen's friend Sally's house.  She has a beautiful big room off of her kitchen that was perfect for 30 people to sit and enjoy some delicious food and watch Kristen and Mike open their gifts.

You can see her in the right of the doorway.  She thought she was going to Sally's for a barbaque.  She figured it out right away when she saw her mother who lives in Atlanta.

Eileen and Judy

Courtney and Kristen's cousin Melissa

Kristen and Melissa

Kristen, her mom on the left, future mother in law on the right and Kristen's son Raphael

Mike, Kristen, and Raphael

Sisters in law

The bridal party minus the maid of honor who is currently in Iraq

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Wedding 2 of 4 Adele and Cristian

This wedding was quite a treat. It was located in a small town in Maine further north than I have ever been. The reception was at a beautiful mansion which I assumed was a reception place. As the recption went on I realized that the house belonged to her family! It was absolutely elegant and beautiful.

There was a rumor going around that two presidents have stayed at the house but we weren't able to confirm that, but it was confirmed that Nathaniel Hawthorne stayed there. Adele, if you're reading maybe you can clear some of this up??

The wedding started at 5:00. At 4:45 it was pouring! It stopped as the sun came out at 4:55

This is the front of the house before I headed over to the church

The newlyweds

You can see the sky was still stormy

Adele's sister Laura is expecting her first baby in October

Back at the reception

Adele's neice

In front of the house

The tree swings were hanging from these massive oak trees which is where the place got its name. I couldn't wait to try out the swing for myself!

My father's friend Fred (the reason Adele and I know each other). He couldn't resist the swing either. His wife tried it out too.

Adele didn't stay in her dress for too long. It was REALLY hot out.

I drove up to the wedding on my own. Chris and the kids stayed home even though we were all invited. It was a 3 hour drive made possible by my friend Melanie who let me borrow her car. I had to leave my car with the car seats for Chris and the wrangler gets horrible gas mileage so she was nice enough to trade cars with me for the day. After the wedding I had to drive about an hour south to stay over at our friends' beach house. I've been going there since I was in high school and it feels like home so it was so nice to spend the night there hearing the crashing waves of the ocean. I got up and had breakfast and coffee with my friends then drove the rest of the way home.

Friday, July 18, 2008

16 months

Dear Madison and Jackson,

This month has again gotten more challenging for mommy and daddy. Your need for attention has made our daily lives much more hectic. At the same time life has gotten even more fun. You are both so fun and love to laugh and giggle with us and with each other. Sometimes you play hide and seek with each other around objects like the bar stools (even though you can see each other THROUGH them). You laugh big belly laughs when you poke your heads around.
Eating has gotten better but still not wonderful. You're back to liking zucchini pancakes which is great because veggies are still a challenge. You are still getting jarred baby food in order to make sure you're eating a balanced meal. You both still love string cheese, grilled cheese, mac and cheese (macaroni with melted american cheese mixed in), strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, puffins, raisins. You both have about three 8 ounce cups of milk even though Dr. C recommends two cups a day. You aren't crazy about water so I started putting a splash of juice in the water for flavor. It seems to have helped but you don't guzzle it like you do your milk.
The last week or so you've both been sick with fevers on and off. Jackson had one one day last week and then Madison got it the next day. Then last night Jackson got another fever and still has it today.

When you've been feeling well you both love to sit on my lap. If i'm sitting on the floor you'll both (at separate times) come running up to me and crash into me and let me hug you. It's like you need a little mommy fix. I love it!

Lately you've both been all about mommy. We haven't had any situations like that yet and daddy doesn't like this new stage at all! If you need a hug, you want it from me, if you get hurt, you want me, if you're drinking your milk, you want to sit in my lap, if you want to read a book, you want to sit in my lap. I absolutely love it but it makes daddy very sad.

You both love ring around the rosey. You love the end when we all fall down. Sometimes you'll fall down right as I start the song.

Neither of you are saying any words on a consistent basis except for kitty.

You both started feeding yourself from a bowl with a spoon this month. It's pretty messy but I was amazed at how you caught onto it. I don't let you do it every day so it ends up being a fun treat for you.
I finished my June project of taking a photo a day of each of you. I now need to work on getting a book printed.

We're back to two naps a day if we're just hanging out at home. If we go out in the morning you are able to make it until 1 or 2 and then you only have one nap.

Dear Jackson,

You continue to be rough with your sister. When you try to hug her you end up pushing her down and she cries so hard! You also enjoy swatting at her and hitting her in the head with toys.

You "jump" when we say jump. You don't actually get any air but you lift your legs up one at a time and laugh.
Your hair is getting pretty long since I last cut it in March. The back has the cutest curls in it that I just don't have the heart to cut it but I think I'm going to have to do something soon.

You wear size 18 month clothes and size 4 diapers and size 5 shoes (you need new ones).

I absolutely love to snuggle with you.  I love your soft skin and the way you look up at me with your big brown eyes.  I still kiss you until you fuss to get down because I just can't get enough of you.

I love you buddy!!!

Dear Madison,

Your hair continues to get longer but with the curls it seems to be staying the same length. It's just getting fuller and more crazy when you wake up from a nap. I love to put a bow in your hair or put it in pig tails but daddy likes it better down. So I alternate.

You continue to be shy around new people but you warm up quickly. The other day the bag lady at the grocery store said hi to you and you started BAWLING!

You are still in size 12 months clothes but we moved you up to size 4 diapers because Jackson grew out of the threes. You're just now getting into a size 4 shoe, in fact we need to go shoe shopping for you.

You are still my little peanut and even though you are very feisty sometimes you are also very loving and happy.  You insist on being held when you drink your milk from your sippy cup and I just love how you settle into me.  I love how I can make you that comfortable.  You are such a little doll!

I love you baby peanut!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Play Date with other twins!

I mentioned a long time ago about the twins that live up the street from us.  They are 5 months older than M&J.  We've been on walks together but never gotten together to play.  They have a fabulous backyard that they just fenced in.  The kids were able to roam around and Ellen and I were able to sit and relax (for the most part).  Aaron and Amelia were very gracious letting M&J play with their toys.  There was a little pool and a fun water toy.  Ellen and I got to share twin stories and offer advice to each other.  We'll definitely be doing it again!

Madison in Amelia's hat