Thursday, August 28, 2008

Uncle Matt

Uncle Matt (Jackson's Godfather) texted me last night to say that he and his wife were back from a cross country trip on their motorcycle (don't ask).  So we went over there to visit with him today.  They have a pool in the back yard and he made us lunch.  We talked the day away while the kids did some rock climbing...

played in a playhouse

Maddie lifted up her tutu

and they took a minute to pose for a picture with Uncle Matt (even though they don't look very happy about it).

This is Maggie who loves kids so much that she tackled Jackson the instant she saw him reducing him to tears and then stole their food from their defenseless little hands.  She's very cute though.

Beach with Grandma

Tuesday we went back to Nahant Beach with Grandma this time.  Once again it was awesome.  Very relaxing and fun.

I re-attempted the name in the sand photos...

Wedding 3 of 4: Adam and Lauren

This was another outstanding wedding.  The ceremony was in Rockport and the reception was at the Cruiseport Gloucester.  The place is massive and so beautiful with a view of the harbor.

The beautiful bride and her dad

Nana all dressed up and looking beautiful

Our classy family drinking bee-ahs in the parking lot of the reception

1 of 4: Courtney and Steve

This is our (sort of) cousin Rob.  He was the best man.  He gave a very touching speech that left everyone reaching for the kleenex.  He and his wife (who got married on the Regis and Kelly show a few years ago) are expecting twins!  They just found out today that it is a boy and a girl.  I couldn't be happier for them!!

Bring on 4 of 4: Mike and Kristen!

Beach with Auntie

Auntie finally had a day off during the week last week so we went to Nahant Beach.  $3 parking, no crowds, shallow safe water, clean sand...just can't beat it.  It was by far my favorite beach experience so far and it's in the town next to us!

Jackson feeding himself sand (click to enlarge)...

Courtney and I were actually able to sit down and just let them run around for the most part.  We liked it so much we went back yesterday with my mom (post to follow).

Park with friends

Last week two of my friends/co-workers and I took all 7 of our kids to the park.  All of the older kids got along really well and mine just loved driving in this car.

I love how the wind is blowing in their hair like they're actually in a moving vehicle

No kissing and driving!

The whole crew


I really don't know how they learned this (I have never done yoga in front of them) but when I say "do yoga", they both go into downward facing dog pose.  It's always good for a laugh.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Melt my heart

Today we were having a snack of frozen peas in the kitchen after coming home from the beach and taking a bath. Jackson had already eaten quite a bit so he was kind of zoning out sitting on my knee. I had my hand around him resting on his belly (he was just in a diaper). I was kissing his shoulder and cheek soaking in the moment. I eventually took my hand away but it was immediately grabbed by his chubby little hand and emphatically placed right back on his belly. I just sat there and cried. God, I love that kid.

Photos and first skinned knee

Chris and I took them in the yard to play for a little while last weekend.  They get so red cheeked!

This is a new toy that Grandma borrowed from a friend (Thanks Susan, I know you're lurking!)

Madison fell down on Sunday when we were visiting in Gloucester.  She didn't even cry!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Could my kids be any cuter?

At the beach yesterday with a few friends...


Brace yourself!
SO CUTE!!!!!  Yesterday in the bath Jackson out of nowhere kissed Madison on the back with a lip smack noise and all.  Then today out of nowhere he kissed her on the mouth!!  I hurried to get the camera and asked him to kiss his sister.  This is one of the moments I've been waiting for.  I could just burst!

Monday, August 18, 2008

17 Months

Dear Madison and Jackson,

This month has been fun and challenging all rolled into one. One of the things that has been a challenge is you can both climb on the couch and chair now. We have started to teach you both to sit down or you have to get off. It hasn't quite sunk in yet. 

I've really been trying to fit in a lot of fun things while the weather is still nice. We have done a lot but I also feel like there is still so much I want to do with you. 

Our last few trips to the grocery store have been a bit un-fun for all of us. With Jackson in the seat of the shopping cart and Madison sitting in the big basket, I used to be able to put the non-delicate objects in the basket and the delicate ones on the bottom shelf. Now Madison picks everything up and throws it out and Jackson whines because he wants something to throw. Lately I've been sneaking out on my own if someone is here visiting.

Dear Jackson,
You become more and more like a little boy every day. We have no idea where you learned this but one day you started wrestling with cousin Raphael. He was laying on the floor and out of nowhere you went and pounced on him. Nana Fitz, Nana, Papa, Aunt Kristen, Uncle Mike, Daddy and I all laughed which encouraged you to do it again. Now every time we see him you try to tackle him. You also now love to wrestle with anyone who is willing to lay down on the floor. You even started to push me down if I'm sitting up on the floor. It's such a funny thing.

The "jump" I wrote about last month has morphed into dancing. When you hear music you will bop your head back and forth, swing your arms, and stomp your feet.

You have 3 teeth on bottom with the 4th just through the gums and 2 on top with the 3rd just through the gums for a total of 7. It's amazing to me how many less teeth you have than Madison.

You are very physical. Anytime we go into your room you run in and throw yourself down on the floor and roll around. I have no idea where you got this but it's so funny.

When you first started to learn to grasp things you discovered your love for lint! We were constantly fishing lint out of your mouth. Luckily you learned that it doesn't taste very good but now your obsession with lint has changed into a sort of comfort thing. You will pick up a piece and rub it between your little fingers. It's sweet when you zone out while doing it.

You are much more precocious about getting on the couch and chair than your sister. You really think it's a game. Any time we're not looking you will scramble to the chair and climb up with a loud laugh to get out attention. You know what we're saying when we say to sit down and every time you don't sit down we come to get you and you scramble to sit so you can stay. We do follow through with our threat to get you down though which causes your limbs to go limp and tantrums ensue. We have to put pillows up on the surface so you can't get up.

You are still a major flirt. Everyone we see while we're out always smiles when they see you. 

You don't say a whole lot besides babbling that sounds like a mixture of French and Chinese. You even "say" things with inflection like you're actually saying something. 

You love to point to my nose and eye and get a cute little smirk when you do it.

You have definitely become more snugly which I absolutely love. Quite often out of nowhere you will run over to me and fall into me for a quick snuggle and then be on your way. I would snuggle you all day if you would let me! I love they way you smell and feel. You are just awesome.

Dear Madison,
You are starting to really show off your language. So far you really just repeat words that we say to you (hat *at*, duck, quack *kak*, woof, papa, auntie, more, car *ga* (we're really trying to emphasize the R in car :-), cracker). If I ask you where things are you will point to my chin, cheek, forehead, and nose.

You follow complex commands like "get the book and bring it to Jackson". The other day daddy couldn't find your sippy cup so he asked you to go get it and you somehow found it for him! If we ask you where humpty dumpty is you will go and find the particular book that he is in. It absolutely amazes me especially when I have no idea where the book is.

You have 7 teeth on bottom with the 8th just through the gums and 8 on top for a total of 16. More than double your brother!

You are incredibly inquisitive and quietly curious. You seem to be observing your surroundings constantly and taking it all in. It amazes me how much of what we say you understand. You are pensive and shy when we first go somewhere new with new people but within 10 minutes you are off and on your own.

You are still attached to your huge light brown bear that Daddy gave you for Valentine's day. By attached I mean that when you get out of your crib he HAS to come with you. Once you're out you drop him on the ground and forget about him. Then when it's time to go back in your crib you want him again. You've also added another large dark brown bear to your must have list. I can hardly pick all three of you up!

You have also started to dance when you hear music. You get such a cute smile on your face and will shake your head around and swing your arms. You absolutely light up when you first hear a song.

You have started with tantrums. Luckily we've only had them at home. We have no idea what causes them or how to calm you down. You scream the most hysterical, blood curdling scream ever. You get yourself down on the ground and flail around. I do my best to try to figure out what you want but once you're in the zone nothing will get you out. At that point I just try to ignore you figuring if you don't have an audience you won't want to perform anymore.

You still love to sit in my lap when you drink your milk or eat a snack. You can be snugly but not as much as your brother. Most of the time we have to steal kisses and hugs from you which we do often. I just can't get enough of my tiny little peanut.

Friday, August 15, 2008


What a crazy difference. I literally feel like they haven't changed since they were born but here's the proof they have.