Friday, September 30, 2011

Modeling jobs

After Madison's first modeling job at Hasbro (oh crud I just realized I never posted about the experience...I'll get to it later) she was called to a company called Dorel Juvenile Group.    The way I understand it they are the parent company of Cosco, Safety 1st, Eddie Bauer, and many other children's safety products.
Madison's first job there was for a step stool.  They had a whole fake bathroom set up in this small studio space.  Everyone was amazed with how well she followed direction.  She was definitely giving stiff smiles until I got behind the camera/photographer.  The photographer was great and it turns out we went to college together!  We didn't know each other but we were there at the same time and in the same visual and performing arts building.  We were probably there less than an hour.  It was real easy
While I was there I left Jacksons comp card with them for networking purposes.
I was very excited when a week later they called for Jackson to come in to model for a sit and stand stroller.  These images are from that shoot.  The photographer loved Jackson and he did such a fantastic job listening and giving nice smiles.  I was able to go behind the camera to help too.  I found out while I was there that the didn't realize that Jackson was Madison's brother so his call was random, not because I left his card!

A week later he got called back to the same place for another sit and stand stroller but a different brand.
While we were there this time I saw a mock up of an ad from the previous stroller with his pictures on it.  Someone said to me that everyone had been talking about how much they loved Jackson from the last time.  They told me he is going to be on the box for the Safety 1st sit and stand that is going to be sold at KMart and on the website.  They said it would be out at the end of the year so I just need to keep my eye out for it.

We went a few weeks without a call and then Madison got a call from a company called Berroco.  They create knitting patterns for some amazingly beautiful and modern stuff.  The photographer is really good and actually photographs products in a similar style to my family photography.  It's very natural in an outdoor setting.  We had to leave our house at 6:30am to make sure we arrived in Westport, MA by 9 which was allowing an extra hour for traffic.  We sat in a LOT of traffic and made it there right at 9!  The location was at a boathouse residence that was so amazingly beautiful in a rustic way.  There was a beautiful large lawn that was just across the road from the water.  The whole crew was so nice, hair/makeup girl, photographer, photographer's assistants, stylist, and the employees of Berroco.  The four outfits that Madison modeled were TO DIE FOR gorgeous and were perfect on her.  I think I was way more excited about this than Madison but they had CHICKENS and a BUNNY to be in the pictures with her.  I was just so excited for how the pictures were going to look.  Luckily they agreed that I could take pictures as long as I didn't share them (they don't want their patterns being stolen before the catalogue is out) so I have so many amazing photos.  Once the catalogue is out I'll be able to share which should be in January.  So anyway, then an 8 week old yellow lab puppy shows up!  OMG!!!  I was giddy!  It was so ralph lauren.  Like I said though Madison wasn't as thrilled as I was.  She was after all the one that had to hold the chickens and sit next to a puppy that wanted nothing more than to chew on her.  She was a GREAT sport but was definitely slightly annoyed.  They photographed her for a solid 2.5 hours until another little boy showed up to model some of the boy clothes.  They had some shots together for another 30 minutes with the puppy and then Madison was done.  Two older girl models showed up too while we were getting ready to leave.  Everyone was so nice and I have such fond memories of that day.  When we got back and told Jackson that Madison got to hold a bunny he was VERY sad that he didn't.
I managed to edit out the product in this image so I hope it's ok to share and then the puppy!!!!

We haven't gotten any calls since then but I haven't been holding my breath for any of these.  We've got quite a life going on now that school is back in session so I don't have a lot of time to dwell on it.  We're just having fun.

Marini Farm Fun

Since I'm so far behind I'll just start with something current.  I had bought a groupon for a corn maze, apple cannon, hay ride, and bouncy thing for four so we went last weekend.  It was so HOT!
We brought 12 year old nephew Raffe with us.  

We had never done a corn maze before and I was surprised how hard it was.  We were definitely in there for an hour MELTING.  All of the kids (including Chris) were whining.  I swear the only reason we even got out was because we got a hint from one of the workers.
We ended up at 5 guys for lunch.  The kids were totally entertained with the peanuts.  As in they were playing with them!  Making them talk to each other, walking around.  It was so cute!