Little known facts

1.  When I was 24 and weighed 124 I had my gall bladder removed
2.  When I was in college I played a prostitute in our production of Cabaret
3.  I was on an episode of Ask This Old House in it's first season.  We had a leaky tub faucet so the crew came to the house to film "helping" me fix it.  Rich Trethewey was really nice and a lot of fun to work with.  I recall some joke about "getting it on" and we would giggle and giggle and need to cut the scene.  I would love to see outtakes from that day.
4.  During the filming of The Perfect Storm I was working a block away from where the trailers were set up.  I used to go on my lunch break and sit and wait to get a glimpse of George Clooney or Mark Wahlberg playing basketball.  I did eventually see them and George Clooney even signed my copy of the book.
5.  On Dec. 30th, 2002 my appendix began to rupture.  On new year's eve I had surgery and spend new year's eve alone in a hospital room (there was no where in the room for Chris to sleep)
6.  I lived in Oswego, NY from the ages of 3-10
7.  My mom used to ride her bike with me in the child seat in back (no helmets of course).  I HATED it!  I was so afraid I would fall over.
8.  In my college production of Wizard of Oz I played Glinda the good witch
9.  I have sleep apnea and need to sleep every night with a CPAP machine
10.  Chris proposed to me on February 13, 1999 in Rockefeller Plaza while ice skating
11.  My first car (which became mine in 1996) was my dad's old 86 Honda Accord hatch back.  I loved that car even when I had to keep my foot on the gas at ALL times in order to keep it from stalling.  Balancing the brake and gas at the same time was quite the challenge.
12.  I can't wear contacts because when I have them in my eyes I have to go to sleep.  It's some kind of reflex.  Even tears make me need to go to sleep.  I can't even talk about eyes without anxiety.
13.  I am TERRIFIED of sunflowers
14.  I hate to read books!  Does this make me a bad person?
15.  I volunteer my photography services for Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep
16.  I've had a cracked iphone screen for a good three months now.  I really need to buy a new one.
17.  I will stop at nothing to teach my children tolerance of those around us
18.  I have my Bachelor of Music degree from University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
19.  I was the Cape Ann League champion in 1991 for the 400m sprint.  I held the school record at 61.2 seconds.  I have no idea if that is good anymore or not but it was at the time and I ran at many state meets.  I hated every second of races (well, mostly I hated what happened BEFORE the races).  I really should have continued in college but I had nothing left emotionally.

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