Tuesday, June 24, 2008

June 19, 20, 21, 22

Believe it or not these photos were taken at a new Dunkin Donuts down the street from us basically on the site where the explosion was 19 months ago.  It is landscaped beautifully including a water feature and rock garden.

These two were just hanging around the house

Above is Maddie "reading" a book in the playroom and below is Jackson at Gia's after his tumble.  You can see the abrasion on his forehead and his bruised nose. :-( 

These pictures were taken at Uncle Billy's in Gloucester.  They have a small back yard but it's like a little paradise with all the flowers.


While we were in Gloucester yesterday, I took the kids to the fisherman on the way home.  I can't believe they're 15 months old and this is the first time they've been to one of the biggest tourist attractions on the North Shore.
This was the best I could do.  They just wouldn't look at the camera.  Madison just wanted to get down and run around.

Here they are looking into the Atlantic Ocean

This was an 11 month old boy with whom Madison was fascinated.  She kept running back over to him and laughing.  He liked her too.  He was 4 months younger but SOOO much bigger!

Monday, June 23, 2008


I've been so busy I haven't had time to do anything but get photos taken every day. You wouldn't think that would be so time consuming but adding it on to everything else I do every day and it really doesn't leave me much time.  Don't even ask if the laundry is done.

The kids had their 15 month check up today. All is well.

Jackson weighs 23 pounds (25th %) and is 31 inches!

Madison weighs 18 pounds (5th %) and is 29 inches.
I was hoping Maddie would weigh 20 by now so we could turn her car seat around but looks like we'll have to wait. It's actually not a problem having her face backwards. In fact it makes it so that they can see each other and they totally entertain each other during drives. Jackson shakes his head back and forth then stops to look at Madison to see how she is reacting. She laughs hysterically, he laughs and does it again. We now have Jackson's car seat in the middle of the back seat now. We used to have the middle seat empty but it was such a pain if we had anyone travel with us, someone (usually me) would have to climb over the front seat to get in the back. Now you can just open the back door and get in. The only problem is that they can reach each other and steal toys and binkies when they find it necessary.

This past Saturday Gia hosted a Mom and baby play date at her house. I invited Melanie and Alice and there were three other moms and babies that I didn't know. We ended up hanging out on Gia's deck which has two sets of stairs. One of the sets was blocked off but the other wasn't (can you see where this is going?). It was very hectic for me needing to watch two babies (they were the oldest ones there) and making sure they didn't fall down stairs or poke a baby in the eye or soft spot. They were also pretty clingy and whiny so that was annoying. Jackson goes down our porch stairs at home almost every time we leave the house. He is really good at it. He gets down, turns around, and goes down the stairs backwards. So now the three of us were standing at the top of the stairs on Gia's deck (maybe 5 steps). I was attempting to put a barrette in Maddie's hair as Jackson was going down the stairs a
gain (he had gone up and down them probably 20 times since we had been there), but this time I didn't notice he had decided to go down head first. He was about half way down when all hell broke lose. He slid face down the rest of the way where he then landed on his forehead and flipped completely over landing on his back. He was silent for a second as I rushed down the stairs. The sad look on his face was heartbreaking. And then the screaming...

I was very calm and picked him right up and brought him inside. I could see the abrasion on his forehead. The skin wasn't broken at all and there was no blood...until his nose started pouring. That's when my calm nature went out the window. Believe me I know this is an overreaction but my first thought was when people die and they have blood coming out of their ears and nose so for a split second I thought he was dieing (not really but
 I was pretty freaked out). I ran him into the kitchen to get a paper towel to stop the bleeding. Gia and Loren both came in the house with me (thank god because by then I wasn't thinking straight). They got me a wet face cloth and I cleaned him up. The bleeding stopped right away. Loren was so good with him. He was talking all fun to him and asked him to give him 5. Jackson's face lit up and went from crying to laughing in a split second. He was totally fine. We went back outside and he was clingy for a little while but eventually was up and walking around and back to poking the infants' soft spots.
Here is Jackson in the middle of all the babes

M&J have been getting to be more difficult lately. They are pretty demanding of my attention. For the most part during the day they are off playing, but if they catch a glimpse of me they want me. But they've also started being tough on each other. It's usually over a stolen toy but even if one is just standing too close to the other, slapping and whining ensues.

Even taking them out has gotten to be difficult. They are very whiny and I know I've had it coming so I'll shut up now.

Saturday night we had a party to go to so rather than having one set of grandparents take care of both of them, we split them up. Madison went with my parents and Jackson went with Chris's. It sounds like it all went well and I bet they liked the individual attention.

Feeding has become an absolute nightmare. They just won't eat. Even stuff they've always eaten is now flying off the tray (onto the floor).

We're pretty much down to one nap nowadays.  I was noticing when I put them down for a morning nap that they really just stayed in there and played, giggled and talked.  So I started putting off the nap til Chris got home for lunch.  Today we didn't get home until 2:30.  They were definitely ready for a nap and slept for 2 hours.  Unfortunately they woke up hysterically crying and completely inconsolable.  They didn't feel feverish but I'm pretty sure it was the shots from the doctor this morning.  I gave them motrin and in a half hour they were back to normal.  After I left for work, Auntie came over with cute clothes from Disney World where she was on her honeymoon.

Sad Sad book review

Anyone who knows me knows I don't read (well, unless you count many blogs a day). Chris even likes to joke that I don't know HOW to read.

So I have to rely on my fellow bloggers to read books and tell how they are.

This one I HAD to link to because it is that horrifying. It's a book on discipline and I can't believe it's not illegal.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

15 Months

Dear Madison and Jackson,

This month has been so much fun watching you interact more. It's also been a little harder because you can both be whiny at times. Plus your interactions have also become violent. You fight over toys a lot. I try to let you work it out on your own for the most part but when you start to tackle each other and attempt to bite I have to step in. There has been a lot more crying because of that.
You both LOVE chairs. When Daddy puts on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse you both have to get your chairs. At Grandma and Grandpas there are little antique chairs all over and you love to sit in them. They also have a little plastic play chair that has a side table attached that plays music and you fight over who gets to sit in that.
You both love to point to people's noses, eyes and mouths. You even do it to each other. I worry about eye poking though.
Meal time is still a nightmare. We've had to regress to jarred veggies in order to make sure you're getting a balanced meal. You both love fruit, cheese, yogurt. Everything else is pretty much hit or miss.
I've been noticing lately that we don't get as much attention when we go out. I've always enjoyed the attention because I'm so proud of you and I love it when other people acknowledge how awesome you are. I miss it so much and I find myself getting offended that people just walk by.
Since the nice weather has been here we've been going out in the yard to hang out. The yard is all fenced in except for the driveway. The problem is that you both immediately bolt toward the driveway so it's not enjoyable to be out there. Daddy decided he was going to build a gate that lets us close off the driveway. It's not the prettiest thing but it works! Now I'm able to do some light gardening or weeding while you both play in the yard.
You are both still perfect when we go out. Anytime you're being whiny at home I'll take you out shopping or for a walk so I can get some peace.
You both babble like crazy to each other. You will yell from one room to the other like you're actually saying something. It's so cute. You both also talk to the kitty when she meows.
We're in the transition stage from two naps to one. Some days we can get away with one but others you still need two.
It's impossible for me to eat anything without you both wanting some. I have to try to hide when eating.
You both play independently and love to get up and down from the futon. You'll both sit up there with a toy or a book and stay there for a long time.
This month Auntie got married. You both looked absolutely adorable and you had a lot of fun. It was a very bad nap day so I was worried for you but you both held up just fine. We got ready at Grandma and Grandpa's house then Auntie Kristen, Cousin Mike drove with us to the church. We got to mingle with everyone outside before they shooed us all into the church. Madison sat with Grandma and Grandpa in the row with me and Jackson sat a few rows back with Uncle Billy and Aunt Debbie. Madison didn't make a peep except for humming while reading her book and Jackson was perfect because I was out of sight out of mind. When I came down from doing my reading Jackson saw me and let out a loud sad cry. Luckily Aunt Debbie was able to distract you right away and you didn't make another peep.
At the reception you sat in high chairs and had some bread and cereal while we were waiting for dinner to be served. The babysitter (your first in-home non family babysitter) came to get you but you hadn't eaten yet and it was almost 9pm! Daddy and I had wanted to dance with you so we quickly did that while she waited. Then we let you down and you both ran around the empty dance floor entertaining everyone. You were both squealing and laughing. I was so sad that you had to leave. The people in the kitchen boxed up a meal for you guys and the babysitter fed you when she got you home. She said you were very good for and at 2:15am when we got home she said you went right to sleep when she put you down.

Dear Jackson,
I've written before about you being rough with your sister but it's gone to a whole new level. You will pull her if she has something you want and tackle her then lay on top of her. She's not a fan. You also make a motion like you're going to bite her. You haven't actually doe it yet but it seems like it's only a matter of time.
You can blow kisses! You put the back of hand to your mouth and say "AH" as you take it away.
You really "talk" a LOT. Your voice is absolutely adorable!
You are walking full time now. You're still not completely comfortable with it yet though so your feet are wide apart as you walk.
You are such a sweet boy. You always come over to me and fall into me for a hug and let out a big sigh. Today while we were out at the park taking pictures you came running up to me and hugged me and stayed there for a while. I was kissing your cheek and you kept leaning your cheek in for more. I just love you so much. 
Your sizes are the same from last month but in the last few days I've noticed a big weight difference. All of a sudden your feel a LOT heavier.

Dear Madison,

You have started talking more like your brother. The only word you really say is dada. "daaaaaaaaaDA". When you're "reading" a book you hum
 to yourself. You did it during Auntie's wedding. Papa kept looking back at you and smiling.
You are fairly independent during the day although every once in a while you'll whine until I pick you up. You like to look at the computer. You like to drink your cup of milk on my lap and sometimes you like to get a book to "read" and just chill on my lap.
You can be pretty feisty and when you don't get something you want you will stomp your foot.
You wear the same sizes as last month.

Love, Mommy

Monday, June 16, 2008

Auntie's wedding part 3

Courtney and her best friend and maid or honor, Heidi

Madison being a perfect angel during the ceremony reading her book.  Jackson was sitting a few rows back with Chris's godfather and he was perfect too (Jackson, not uncle Billy), although when I came down from doing my reading Jackson saw me and let out one loud cry but was easily distracted.

As favors for the guests this candy table was set up.  You can't even imagine how much is left over!

Bruce making Courtney cry during their Father Daughter dance by telling her that Nana and Papa were looking down on them.  I was crying just looking at her and I didn't even know why she was crying.

Courtney's custom Nike's

The lovely Gloucester crew

Chris and the baby cousin Jackie.  All the ushers were asking about her and Chris kept cutting them off and saying "NO!"

The rest of my photos are here (click continue)

The professional photos are here (click continue).  There are 992.  That's not a typo.
There are some great pictures of the kids but for some reason I can't link directly to them.
I think that's it!