Tuesday, November 02, 2010


Since I'm here updating my header I might as well update the blog too. A month and a half?? That has GOT to be some sort of record. Not one post in October. Unreal.

Since my last update the kids have settled into school. Jackson had quite the transition. He's not exactly clingy with me but he sure does love his mama and he wanted me to stay at school with him. I learned quickly that I couldn't tell him we were going to school in the morning because he would cry and wouldn't want to get ready. The first day I dropped him off he complained that he was tired the whole way there. When the director of the school came to the car to get him out of the drop off line I told her he was "tired" so she went and scooped him up out of his car seat and brought him with promises of a nice rest once inside. He never cried though and had a ball while he was there and said at the end of the day that he didn't want to leave. He got progressively better as the days went on and maybe the 5th or so day he declared in the morning "I want to go to school!" I knew we were going to be fine after that.

Maddie has had no issues what so ever.

We had our first parent teacher meeting in October and the teacher was perfectly pleased with each of them.

Dance class has also been going very well. They both absolutely love it and are doing so well in an instructional setting.

Attitudes about Jackson being in dance class have been mixed; either all in favor or dead set against it. Unfortunately Jackson's father is one that is against it but he's also the one to call him a wuss if he cries after getting injured or to tell me that I'm turning him into a girl because I hug him, so I'm not surprised at his opinion but it's just so absurd. I could go on and on about this topic but I'll stop now.

If you read my photography blog or are friends with me on facebook you'll know that I've been very busy with sessions which is great and having a few hours while the kids are at school two days a week has been so helpful for me to get some things done.

I guess that's it for now. Dance class is over so it's time to go.