Thursday, October 26, 2006

Just what we wanted

The doctor was able to tell that one baby is a boy. Chris was pretty relieved because he then knew it wasn't possible to have two girls. But then I was petrified he'd say the second one was a boy. He said he wasn't 100% positive but that the second one looked to him like a girl. He told us not to buy anything pink yet though. We'll find out for sure on November 13th.

He said that both babies are developing perfectly and there are no signs of any problems. He's very obsessed with the cervix being long. I guess the longer the cervix is the less chance you have of pre-term labor. He said at 19 weeks if it's the same size it is now I will have 97% chance of going past 32 weeks. He's very happy about that so I guess I am too.

I am definitely getting bigger by the day and am amazed at how uncomfortable I am already. With two in there I guess it's no surprise, but still. My back hurts if I stand too long, it's hard to get up and down quickly, and I get winded if I even talk too much!

Still haven't gained any weight.

OH, and no pictures this time. They just weren't facing the right way for that.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Me :-)

People have been asking to see a picture of me so here I am. Yes that's me showing very much at 14 weeks (last week). For those of you who don't think I should be showing yet (I've been wearing maternity clothes since 9 weeks), please remember I have TWO in there!!!! I am now 15 weeks and into the second trimester and I still have not gained an ounce so it's not like I just got fat. It's all babies (and sacks of water, and placentas, and a very enlarged uterus to house all this)

I am feeling great these days, which I though would never come even though everyone told me it would. That's how bad I felt in the first trimester.

Can't wait for next Wednesday the 25th for our next ultrasound. I will be 16 weeks and I'm HOPING the babies will cooperate and we can find out what gender they are!!!! If not we'll just find out at our 19 week checkup.

Friday, October 13, 2006


I finally edited the video of the last ultrasound. It's an mpg file so it should work for everyone. Just click on the link below. There is no sound.

it'll take a couple minutes to download to your computer so be patient.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

13 Weeks

Ultrasound yesterday was great. Both babies are the same size which is good. The one on the top was behaving very well and stayed nice and still...although did move a little. But the one on the bottom was a little monkey hopping all over the place. The doc couldn't even get a good picture of him/her. You can see the spine though...the head is to the right. It was the first time I saw them move around. It made it a little more real.