Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Insulation is done!

Update on our quest to have children

I haven't written much about this topic as it is really something that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy (not that I have any enemies). It's just been really hard to deal with, so I pushed pause on the remote to my life. I had the Marathon last month which was a GREAT distraction then I came home to Kitchen crap which has also been a distraction.

I started acupuncture in the beginning of April to help prepare my body for my next IFV round. My acupuncturist suggested taking two cycles off before trying again which coincided with my fertility dr.'s suggestion because he wanted to perform another test on me to make sure my uterus looked ok. I had that procedure (hysteroscopy) last Friday. Chris brought me in and they started an IV. Thry brought me into the procedure room and knocked me out with some great stuff. I woke up feeling very tired...they even said I took longer than normal to wake up...guess I wanted to stay away from reality as long as I could. The dr. explained that there was some inflamed tissue in the uterus and some "skin" tags (he didn't call them skin tags but I can't remember what he said). He removed all of that as well as a normal sample of the lining and we're waiting for biopsy results. He said that those disruptions in the lining COULD have been the reason the first IFV didn't work. If the embryo tried to attach itself to one of those areas it wouldn't have worked.

So, my acupuncturist is happy with my progress and she is confident that I can try the next round with a positive outcome.

At the moment I am waiting for my next cycle to start which is at least two weeks away (cause god only knows how long this cycle will last one was 49 days). Then I will start taking birth control pills for a few weeks which will start another cycle which is the fun injections/grow follicles/extract eggs/implant embryos process.

Moving along...slowly

The roof and trim work was completed last Saturday. They also stripped all of the siding and wrapped the kitchen with tyvek. Now we need to find some time to put clapboards up. We're sick of paying THEM money to do stuff.

The building inspector came yesterday 15 minutes earlier than he said, so noone was there, so he left. Chris got in touch with the office and the inspector came back but of course his nose was all out of joint that there wasn't anyone there in the first place. He pointed out a few small things that needed to be fixed by the contractor but gave it the ok for insulation....just in time for us to not NEED our heat (we've been freezing for 5 weeks because we haven't had our heat on).

So the insulation got done in about 2 hours this morning and now the inspector has to come BACK! The contractor is coming back tomorrow to fix those few small things and is scheduling the inspector to come while he's there.

So now the plasterers are scheduled for Tuesday.

This is so 5 days, approximately 3 hours of work is going to get done.

I HATE to cook, but I keep seeing commercials for food and I think "I want to make that!!! Oh, right, I can't".
All of our cabinets are in our basement and I haven't even seen what they look like!!!
I'm getting so anxious now!!!!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Peabody Flooding

On Monday evening, May 15th, I had a chance to get to downtown Peabody to see the flood. I grabbed my camera and parked near the Courthouse Pub on Central Street which was as far as they would let cars go. I walked as far as I could without getting wet. I took some cool pictures, but my curiosity was getting the best of me. Lots of people were walking around in the 1-3 feet of water that was covering the intersection in front of the courthouse. I threw caution to the wind and removed my shoes. I left them by a fire hydrant and proceeded to step into the rushing water, which I was not expecting to be frigid! A few minutes after the initial shock of the coldness, my feet, ankles, and calfs went numb and I was able to enjoy myself. The current of the water really was strong so I had to navigate through the mini lake carefully. I did make it all the way across which strangly felt like a big accomplishment. I eventually made my way back across the raging puddle and happily found my shoes still at the hydrant waiting for me.

Here are a few notable pictures from my adventure, but if you would like to see more you can go to

More Drama

This picture shows our new door. The door is where our stove used to be!

Once our ceiling and insulation was removed from the kitchen, we realized water was coming in through some leaks in the roof. Now, for obvious reasons, the contractor won't do any interior work (insulation, blueboard) until our roof is fixed. Where the hell are we going to find a roofer this fast? So the contractor said he'd do it but he is charging us more because he isn't a "roofer". But we have no choice. If we want to wait for a "roofer", the contractor will move onto his next job and who knows when we'll get him back. So we had to go with the contractor to do the roof. I believe he's there today working on it. And of course, we're not just talking about stripping shingles and putting new ones up...he insists that ALL of the trim, soffits, facia boards, corner posts need to be replaced too. So not only has the weather been delaying us, now it's also costing us a lot more money than we were expecting. I've been consulting with my dad on all of this and he even met with the contractor last night...he doesn't necessarily agree with the guy but doesn't think we have any other choice.

Plus the electricians were there wiring the kitchen last Friday and the electrical inspector was supposed to come yesterday between 11 and 12 so Chris went home and waited...and waited...and waited. At 1 he finally called city hall and spoke with the receptionist in the inspector's office. She had no record of an appointment with us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come to find out, the electrician made the appointment with the inspector directly so he must not have officially written it down. SO, he didn't end up coming because he had all kinds of emergencies to go on with all of the flooding here in Peabody. Now we need to wait for the inspector to have an available appointment...which turns out to be fine because the next step on the inside is to do the insulation and blueboard but they won't do that until the roof is done.

Today marks the 4th week we have been without a kitchen. Eating out is not only expensive but also a pain in the neck. I just want my new kitchen :-(

Wednesday, May 03, 2006