Wednesday, August 23, 2006


The one above cracks me up. the "baby" on the right (if you enlarge the picture) looks like a gnome with a pointy hat on. Although I believe just his hat is the baby. The one on the left is still just that small rice size white bit at the top of the black circle.

These two were taken today at exactly 7 weeks. Today was our first appointment with the high risk OB in Boston that will be delivering the twosome. If you enlarge the images you can see the babies are inbetween the crosses that are drawn on the screen. We saw and HEARD the heartbeats today too. Wow...

This is our proud-parents-to-be fridge of photos so far.

Some of my most memorable moments of telling the family we are having twins was Chris's mother screaming and jumping up and down where she works and telling everyone that would listen, and when I showed my dad the first ultrasound of his "grandchildren" he said, "how do you know they're mine?"

Been feeling nauseous for sure everyday all day and nothing helps. Yes, I'm eating saltines and my heartburn is keeping Tums in business. Can't complain though right??

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


The doctor confirmed this morning by ultrasound that it is indeed twins in my belly.
He did say sadly that it is possible for one of them to vanish in the next two weeks even though they are both measuring exactly six weeks and both have great heartbeats (which we could see fluttering away on the monitor). So we have another ultrasound two weeks from today and if they're both still there he said we can "celebrate".

The babies are just the little white line inside the circles I drew. They're the size of a small bean right now.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Almost a month after my last post the contractor never showed up to finish up those few little things. They got a letter from our lawyer. They're pissed but they surely brought this on themselves. Out of 89 business days since the start of the project, only 29 days of work were actually done, and half of those days, a maximum of 3 hours were worked per day.

In case you didn't hear me shout it from the top of a building, I am finally pregnant. I didn't write much about this IVF round...not sure why exactly. But it went very smoothly...nothing like last time. We transferred two excellent quality embryos which was followed up by 4 days of bed rest. That was a saturday. The following Thursday my acupuncturist told me I was pregnant (they can tell these things right away, chinese medicine is crazy). The following Monday I took a chance and took a home pregnancy test and it was positive. I took another one on wednesday and it also was positive. Thursday I went in for my official blood test and it confirmed my home test. The nurse said that they look for an hcg level of 50-100. Mine was over 500. Two days later is was 1300. I don't go back again until Saturday where I hope to find the number at least quadrupled by then. The following saturday I have an ultrasound where they can see the heartbeat and will be able to see if it is one or two.

So far feeling great although I'm only just shy of 5 weeks pregnant. Just pretty crampy and i get shakey if I don't eat enough.

This was our very first baby gift from our friends Jenna and Tim.