Tuesday, September 02, 2014

First day of 2nd grade

Every 6 months is good enough for a post right?  I thought so.  I wish I had more time :-(  I want to write about all the things we've done but it's so overwhelming.  We went to Water Country a few times, went to Boston Public Garden with Nana, Auntie, Auntie Karen, Jackie, Nicky, Sophie, and Jill met us there, visited Lily on the Cape at her vacation house, the beach a few times (with Gia, Melanie, Auntie, and the kids went with Nana a couple times without me), Gia's pool twice, Uncle Matt's pool once, Visited Adele in Maine with her 3 month old twin boys, York with my mom, the zoo with my parents without me, all capped off by a week long stay at Children's Hospital for Madison (which obviously deserves a post of its own but for now she's fine).  I'm sure we did more than that but that's just what I saw glancing at my calendar and details on all of this would be fantastic too but I'm not holding my breath.

Off to edit 1800 pictures now!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

7th Birthday Part

For their 7th birthday party they both wanted an ice skating party.  They both love ice skating and we really don't go enough!  We had a couple of friends from our days at Tower (preschool), another set of boy girl twins we met at gymnastics, their cousins, and the rest were all from their kindergarten class that they have stayed close with.  Auntie and Uncle Steve, Auntie Kristen, Grandma and Grandpa, Papa, and even Nana Fitzy also came to celebrate.
Our fabulous cake lady came through with amazing Frozen cakes.  I made favors of little jelly jars filled with blue chocolate candies and a ring of blue glittery tape.  Since everything Frozen themed is not able to be found I at least wanted to make the table all blue.  With the cakes it was clear what the theme of the party was.

I'm not sure how the pictures will show up and function below.  It's been so long since I've posted that flickr changed its interface and I haven't even attempted to embed any pictures since then.  I THINK these are going to be a slide show but maybe you need to click the arrows to advance?

7 Years Old

How are my babies 7 years old??  I guess everyone is caught off guard how quickly time goes by but this is really ridiculous.  

I really couldn't ask for better kids.  I love them both so much and they are told multiple times a day.  They are doing great in 1st grade (same class still).  They are very well behaved and the teacher says they are great roll models for the rest of the class.  What more could parents ask for?

Their birthday (St. Patrick's day) fell on a Monday so we had their party the Saturday before.  Jackson had soccer Monday afternoon and we asked if he wanted to take the day off so we could go to the Irish pub we usually go to on their birthday but he said no!  So all four of us went to to soccer and watched him.  After he was done we went to the pub.  It was crowded!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Madison's new room

Tonight Madison and Jackson are sleeping in separate rooms in our house for the first time since they were born.

It was a long process preparing the play room to become Madison's bedroom.  The room needed to be painted including the trim which just takes so long.  It still needs a lot of work including new trim around the new-ish windows but the new furniture is put together.  They are still sleeping in toddler beds (they still fit) until new twin mattresses get in for their new beds.

I really expected Jackson to get up a million times after going to bed with a million excuses why he couldn't go to sleep without Madison but they both fell asleep immediately!

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Quick catch up

First Grade starts tomorrow.  I'm not nearly as emotional as I was last year.  I really just can't wait to have a quiet house!  They will be in the same class again which I requested and it was approved by their teacher last year and the principle.  They only have one of their friends from last year in their new class but they are excited for who it is so that's good.  They absolutely adored their teacher last year so I think they were both nervous for a new teacher but they heard the teacher they have is very nice so they are not nervous anymore.

Our summer was insane as usual.  July was the pool in the woods once, tennis camp for both, baseball camp for jackson, soccer camp for Jackson, hip hop camp for both, York Animal Kingdom with Grandma once, Wizard of Oz at North Shore Music Theater.  August my mom and I took the kids to the Cape two separate times for me to take pictures of a family down there.  The second family ended up rescheduling but we went anyway.  We spent 4 days at my friend's parents' house in Falmouth and did day trips to Hyannis and Martha's Vineyard then let the kids stay in the pool one entire day because it's all they really wanted to do.
Two days after the first time we got back from the Cape we turned around and drove to New Hampshire for my Jr. bridesmaid's wedding.  Madison and Jackson were the flower girl and ring  bearer and I was the photographer!  We got to spend two nights at the Bedford Inn and it was so amazing.  We got back on Saturday, went to a revolution game, then on Sunday went back to the Cape and did all of the above (I totally wrote this out of order!).
Last week I had to take a couple of days to edit the million pictures I took in August but then I took the kids to Water Country.  I bought season passes for next year which got me the rest of this year free.  Then the four of us went again two days later.  I wanted to go again today but it was all rainy and stormy.  We went bowling and read books for literally hours trying to finish up the summer reading list.  Madison's was almost done because she read a ton on her own (some 4th grade level books too...she's a machine!) but Jackson needed some attention.  He went to kindergarten not reading at all and by the end of the year he could really read.  He still needs a lot of help but I was impressed with the progress.
We only went to the beach TWICE.  How horrible is that??  And we only saw a handful of friends once each.  It's so frustrating how hard it is to fit everything we want to do in.  There were so many friends we didn't see at all!

So for the fall schedule Madison and Jackson have soccer with Chris as their coach (U8) on Sundays, Jackson will be practicing with North Shore United on Monday afternoons, and Madison will have tap and hip hop classes back to back on Thursdays at a new (to us) dance school right near us.

So on top of this I shot and edited 20 sessions in August and 12 in July and spent two sessions per week each of acupuncture and physical therapy due to a horrific pain in my neck which after a very long time we figured out was a pinched nerve.  5 weeks after it appeared out of no where it disappeared.

Last April I had a kidney stone which landed me in the ER on three separate occasions (one time while were driving through Rhode Island on the way to New Jersey for a soccer game).  That was an awesome 2 weeks!  And it all started the day I had to have our poor girl kitty put to sleep.

I guess that's it for now even though it's just scratching the surface.  Hopefully I'll be back soon?