Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Last weekend

Chris and I had a wedding to go to Friday night so the kids stayed at my parents' house. I had a photo session in the morning. I hung out at home by myself for a bit after that then headed down to my parents's house. We spent the afternoon and evening swimming and playing in the yard. Some family friends came over too for dinner and swimming.

These pictures were taken on Saturday. Jackson has been able to swim on his own since last summer (with a floatie) but Maddie just will NOT let go. The next day we were there again and she FINALLY let go. We were all so excited and so was she. She was cracking up while swimming around.

Oh yeah my parents got a free pool on craigslist. Can't beat that!



Jackson took this picture.

This is a bird house on my parents' patio. We've been watching it for a while now. These are the babies ready for food.

And mom feeding them.

Maddie took this picture

This was Maddie the next morning after the mosquito bite on her eyebrow kicked in.

The kids and Grandpa on Father's day. The best Grandpa in the world.

After lunch at my parents on Sunday the kids and walked to Chris's parents' house. Chris was going to come pick us up but they live so close I figured we'd just walk. I was a little nervous walking them down main street by myself but they were SO good and even held hands for a while.

We had dinner at Nana and Papa's house then went home.

I bought cards to give to my father and Chris's father from the kids. Maddie saw me signing them and putting them in the envelopes. She asked me what they were and I told her. From then on she took responsibility for them. She held them to the car and all the way to my parents' house and gave my dad his. Then hours later she remembered to give Papa's to him. It was cute.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Random photos from the last week or so

Jackson proudly wearing a UMass shirt in honor of Grandpa.

We got the kids a slip and slide a couple of weeks ago. They weren't crazy about it but they did get a little more comfortable with the fact that they had to throw themselves down on the ground in order to slide. They still didn't slide very far. I suppose they'll get the hang of it.





Maddie finally learned to pedal her trike. So far I've had no luck getting her to ride Jackson's bike. It's just a little too tall for her so she feels insecure even though she already knows how to balance.


What the heck is this????? It was bigger than a bee and really creepy. It was like a moth/bee/miniature bird thing.

Another day at the beach.



I got myself a new laptop. I've been working on a big imac the last three years at our kitchen bar. Sitting in a wooden stool is really not comfortable. I really missed my laptop so I treated myself. I've gotten so much more work done now that I can just chill on the couch. Jackson learned real quick how to grab it when I leave the room. And he learned how to open photobooth and take pictures of himself.


Thursday, June 10, 2010


These were from a few weeks ago just hanging out in their room. Maddie really is obsessed with dresses. Everyday she wants to pick a new dress out of her closet.

I took these with the point and shoot. Why is it that they always show orbs? I'm so torn as to whether they mean anything or not but weird things have happened to me in that room so when orbs show up in pictures it definitely creeps me out.

Jackson and his kitty. Around the time these pictures were taken Jackson abducted the kitty to his room. He would bring her in there and close the door. I could hear her in there whaling away which isn't uncommon since she cries ALL THE TIME but I went in to check on her anyway. He was laying on top of her. He did it again later that day too. Luckily he hasn't done it again but oh that poor kitty! He just adores her and loves to be with her.

Maddie took this picture.

Maddie has discovered picking her nose. Jackson took this one. At any given moment her finger is in her nose.

But oh look at that face!

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Potty training

For well over a year Madison has gone pee on the potty. Not on a regular basis by any means but I knew she could do it. After the first few times she did it she stopped wanting to go. I'd gently nudge her but if I met resistance I'd lay off. I didn't want to put any pressure on her and make potty training a battle. I knew she'd do it when she was ready. Of course I was getting pressure from those around me to push both of them but I didn't. I wasn't really sure what sign I was waiting for but I knew I'd know it when I saw it. Today is Saturday June 5. Last Monday she started telling us that she needed to go on the potty. I didn't think anything of it but by the evening she'd had a dry diaper all day. The next morning she told me she had to use the potty. She did and after that I put her in underwear. That was the last time she wore a diaper during the day. I didn't know it was coming. I didn't plan it. It just happened. When she was ready.
She's definitely had a few accidents but I didn't expect anything less. One morning she even woke up dry. I'm so proud of her!
Just a funny note, the first public rest room Maddie used was in Macy's and the second was at the House of the Seven Gables.

Jackson will pee on the potty anytime he sees Maddie do it or if I ask him if he wants to. I tried underwear on him a couple of days in a row but he just doesn't tell me he needs to go like she does and he'll have accidents all over the place.

I'm convinced that them telling you they need to is the key. You can put them on the potty every hour but they're not going to learn to recognize when they NEED to go. When they figure out that feeling then they will be successful.