Thursday, June 10, 2010


These were from a few weeks ago just hanging out in their room. Maddie really is obsessed with dresses. Everyday she wants to pick a new dress out of her closet.

I took these with the point and shoot. Why is it that they always show orbs? I'm so torn as to whether they mean anything or not but weird things have happened to me in that room so when orbs show up in pictures it definitely creeps me out.

Jackson and his kitty. Around the time these pictures were taken Jackson abducted the kitty to his room. He would bring her in there and close the door. I could hear her in there whaling away which isn't uncommon since she cries ALL THE TIME but I went in to check on her anyway. He was laying on top of her. He did it again later that day too. Luckily he hasn't done it again but oh that poor kitty! He just adores her and loves to be with her.

Maddie took this picture.

Maddie has discovered picking her nose. Jackson took this one. At any given moment her finger is in her nose.

But oh look at that face!

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