Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Last weekend

Chris and I had a wedding to go to Friday night so the kids stayed at my parents' house. I had a photo session in the morning. I hung out at home by myself for a bit after that then headed down to my parents's house. We spent the afternoon and evening swimming and playing in the yard. Some family friends came over too for dinner and swimming.

These pictures were taken on Saturday. Jackson has been able to swim on his own since last summer (with a floatie) but Maddie just will NOT let go. The next day we were there again and she FINALLY let go. We were all so excited and so was she. She was cracking up while swimming around.

Oh yeah my parents got a free pool on craigslist. Can't beat that!



Jackson took this picture.

This is a bird house on my parents' patio. We've been watching it for a while now. These are the babies ready for food.

And mom feeding them.

Maddie took this picture

This was Maddie the next morning after the mosquito bite on her eyebrow kicked in.

The kids and Grandpa on Father's day. The best Grandpa in the world.

After lunch at my parents on Sunday the kids and walked to Chris's parents' house. Chris was going to come pick us up but they live so close I figured we'd just walk. I was a little nervous walking them down main street by myself but they were SO good and even held hands for a while.

We had dinner at Nana and Papa's house then went home.

I bought cards to give to my father and Chris's father from the kids. Maddie saw me signing them and putting them in the envelopes. She asked me what they were and I told her. From then on she took responsibility for them. She held them to the car and all the way to my parents' house and gave my dad his. Then hours later she remembered to give Papa's to him. It was cute.

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Wendy and Karen said...

You are so lucky you have access to a pool. I'm glad Maddie is more comfortable in the water. The kiddos just get more and more beautiful.