Saturday, July 08, 2006

On a happy note...

The plumbers were able to plumb our sink, disposal, and dishwasher. We have running water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My mom and dad were here today helping us put the siding up on the outside of the kitchen so when we were done for the day, my dad came in and helped Chris move the stove into place! It's official...the kitchen is fully functional. There are still things that the contractors need to finish up and then there are the many inspections but I can actually cook a meal! (the excitement of that won't last too long)


Yet another bump in our road of contractor hell.
We were told today that our sink needed a vent up through the walls and out the roof. If the contractor had the plumber out for an initial consult (as the plumber says is customary) he would have told him that the vent needed to be done and it would have been put in our open walls and then plastered up. So now the only way for the plumber to get the piping done is to drill holes through our brand new cabinets, up a wall, through a punched out hole in the wall, into the attic, through a hole in the roof. Now we have rather large piping taking up space in our cabinets. We ended up having a conversation with the plumber about it and he basically said that the contractor was a bonehead and never should have done it this way. He suggested that we ask for money off since now we have a hack job. We are obviously very unhappy with our choice in contractors. It really seems like this was his first job he's ever done.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Oh. My. God.

The contractor came to work today to find a note from us asking that a few things be fixed that we weren't happy with. Well, aparently he wasn't happy about the note. He called the other guy and bitched about us for 20 minutes not knowing I was home and could hear everything he was saying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (although my car was in the driveway DUH!)
He said he was wasting time coming back and forth here fixing things (if you did it right in the first place this wouldn't be an issue). He said they were losing money because of how long this has taken (yes, he really said that). He didn't like that we had left a note, but in our experience, verbal instruction has been conviently forgotten so we thought this would be the "no confusion" way to do it. He complained about how i tried to fill in the gaps in the moulding that he did (I really should have taken pictures before i started filling). Said that the way i did it would make it look worse and people would blame his craftsmanship. Maybe if there weren't gaps in the first place this wouldn't be an issue.
He made a threshold that looks ridiculous and he's mad at us because we don't like it. What ever happened to making the customer happy??

Monday, July 03, 2006