Friday, January 20, 2012

Reading to Kindergarten

Madison took the summer and fall off from reading her books.  She wasn't asking to do it and I just didn't want to push her.  Last week she saw the book and asked to read it.  She was VERY excited to get more stickers.  I believe she had read 6 out of 10 books in level 1 last winter/spring and she finished the last 4 in one day last week.  I had Chris pick up the level 2 series and she dove right into that.  Nana came over one day and Madison read to her.  She was so impressed and asked Maddie if she wanted to read a book to her (Nana's) kindergarten class.  She said yes and was very excited.  She did it yesterday and did a fantastic job!  She still mixes up her b's and d's but (almost) always catches herself.  I took some clips of her reading to the class and put them together for family to see.  Jackson came up to watch her with me.  I was so proud of her!!

The best and the worst

I forget where I was or who I was with but I believe Jackson may have been acting a tad whiny. I was showing my annoyance and someone reminded me (I definitely already knew this) that kids feel so comfortable with us that they feel like they can completely let go in front of us (parents). As much as I knew this I don't think it really sunk in until that moment. It's really hard to be grateful they feel so close to you when the entire store is staring at you because your four year old is screaming at the top of their lungs. That will never be fun. But it did get me thinking on the flip side that some of their sweet behavior is only displayed for parents too. Not only that but things like singing and dancing. Things they would be too embarrassed to do in front of others I get to witness (unless I secretly video it and share it on the inter web). I can't help but feel like the luckiest person in the world that I get to be a part of their world like no one else. Oh and the snuggles and the out of nowhere kisses on the cheek and telling me how beautiful I am. I melt just thinking about it. As much as they love their grandparents and aunts and uncles they save those special things for Chris and me and I am severely grateful for that...even the tantrums.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Darth Vader the ballet

Can't wait to hear the crap I'm going to get for posting this.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Another birthday party

A few days after Christmas we were invited to our friend Olivia's birthday party.

IMG_3407 (41 of 61)
Jackson in a new sweater from Santa.  It didn't last too long!
IMG_3413 (39 of 61)
How much fun does this look like?
IMG_3417 (36 of 61)
He got in trouble for going down head first after.  oh well.
IMG_3420 (34 of 61)
After seeing these pictures of Maddie I realized how long her hair is getting.
IMG_3438 (21 of 61)
God, I love her!
IMG_3444 (16 of 61)
The birthday girl and her Grandmother.

Christmas Eve 2011

IMG_3160 (6 of 60)
Grandma and Grandpa's tree
IMG_3165 (9 of 60)
Alyssa and Raffe are the only cousins that spend Christmas eve with us
IMG_3164 (8 of 60)
Oh my girl!  She couldn't be more perfect!
IMG_3167 (11 of 60)
Papa and Grandma
IMG_3170 (13 of 60)
Nana and Maddie
IMG_3171 (14 of 60)
Aunt Judy and Maddie
IMG_3178 (20 of 60)
Papa, my cousin Tracy, Aunt Judy, Alan being entertained by Jackson
IMG_3180 (22 of 60)
"Fagetaboutit"  Papa taught Jackson to say that.  I think it's from a g*eico commercial??  But this picture really cracks me up because it looks like my mother is stabbing Chris in the eye with a fork.
IMG_3182 (24 of 60)
Aunt Judy brought this cinderella ballerina for Madison.  She sat at the table with us.
IMG_3199 (30 of 60)
Grandma blowing the whistle she got in her cracker
IMG_3203 (33 of 60)
Three generations
IMG_3204 (34 of 60)
My annual creme brule
IMG_3184 (25 of 60)

After my parents' house we went to the O'Connell's to visit like we do every year.  They had fun playing in 19 month old Henry's room.
IMG_3211 (39 of 60)
Henry is quite literally the size of a three year old.  The picture below makes me laugh.  It looks like he's bullying Jackson but he was just climbing up into the chair and leaned on him so he could sit.
IMG_3218 (44 of 60)
Then Jackson read him a book!  It was so cute!
IMG_3223 (46 of 60)
And Henry was a bit obsessed with cinderealla.  They all had so much fun playing together.  Madison and Jackson were throwing themselves on the ground to make Henry laugh and they were successful.
IMG_3244 (59 of 60)

Birthday party for Noah

Noah turned 5 in November and we went to his party.  A fun time was had by all as usual.

IMG_8382 (49 of 74)
They both actually fit in here with the doors closed!
IMG_8336 (13 of 74) IMG_8345 (21 of 74) IMG_8357 (30 of 74) IMG_8360 (32 of 74) IMG_8361 (33 of 74) IMG_8362 (34 of 74)

The finished product. The best tasting food I have ever made!

And here is the recipe


Look out I'm cooking! Reducing something whatever that means.

Sleepover with Noah

A few weeks ago we had Noah sleep over our house. It was the first time they all went to sleep in the same room without needing to be separated! It hasn't happened since but it was cool that it happened at all! Chris bought jiffy pop to make with them. Their reaction to seeing it for the first time was priceless. And his british accent is too cute for words!


I have no idea why this was so funny but they were cracking up. Seriously, if you ever need a pick me up just watch this. You can't help but laugh along.

Never too old to dance!

Nana Fitzy doing a little dance central on the kinect on Thanksgiving.

Jumping in the leaves

Monday, January 02, 2012

Maddie dancing

Crazy kids


The Saturday after Thanksgiving was controversy ridden.  I had an invite to my 20th high school reunion AND Chris's second cousin's wedding.  Had I not enjoyed high school or the people I went to school with I wouldn't have had any confusion.  I would have just gone to the wedding.  But I DID enjoy high school.  We didn't have a 15th reunion so it had been 10 years since I had seen most of the people.  Turns out Chris (and I believe some members of his family) was horrified by my decision to attend the wedding ceremony then drive to Boston to attend my reunion.  I didn't make this decision lightly but in the end I really had to do what made ME happy.

So Chris and I drove up to Gloucester during the day to check into a hotel.  The Ocean View Inn to be exact and they aren't kidding around with the name.  The view from our room was to die for!

We relaxed in the room for the afternoon.  I think I even did some work while sitting at a desk in front of the window.  I'm pretty sure I just gazed out the window the whole time though.

The wedding ceremony was beautiful and look at that bride!  wow!
IMG_9354 (28 of 29)

After the ceremony I dropped Chris off at the reception and drove (my brand spanking new car) to Boston (Actually picked up my friend Susan who was visiting from Chicago).  It was at the Back Bay Hotel and the organizers did a great job.  There were poster boards spread around the room with cut outs and photos from back in the day.  I'm the one in the front with the white shorts.

IMG_9361 (3 of 51)

I designed the invitations that went out to the whole class as well as the matching memorial below.
IMG_9384 (21 of 51)

It seemed like everyone had a great time.  I think I was worried that I would stick to my crew of close friends (some of them pictured below) but I was shocked at how very little time I spent with them.  We were all social butterflies.  I had a blast and there is already talk of getting together again over the summer.  4 hours was just not long enough to talk to everyone.
IMG_9402 (37 of 51)

If you're interested in seeing all of the pictures I took that night you can see them here.  I just felt funny singling out some of them to share here.

The time FLEW by and it was then time to drive back to Gloucester.  Chris was already back at the hotel and asleep when I got there.  I'm pretty sure he wasn't speaking to me.

Sunday, January 01, 2012

More videos

This is a video I took during Peter Pan. Once again showing my rebellious nature. And an old one for good measure.

Some videos

Now that I have a new iPhone 4 (once the 4s came out the price of the 4 dropped so I grabbed one after using my iphone 3 with a shattered screen for 4 months) I'm taking a lot more quick videos.  The HD video recording on my pro camera is phenomenal but not always convenient.

One day I was flipping through the channels and found America's Funniest Videos.  I don't think the kids had ever seen it and I KNEW they would love it.  I took a bunch of videos of their reactions.  This one was hysterical.
I can't even deal with how much this one makes me laugh. He's talking about a Dora episode I think. They NEVER watch that show but we were visiting a friend so he came to tell me about it. Madison skating a couple weeks ago This is a great example of how well they play together. I just love their imagination!


This is a picture that Jackson drew 11/11 of "Grandma".  I absolutely busted out laughing when I saw what was in between her legs!!!!
Jackson and cousin Nicky
The kids had a little sing along at school before Christmas Break
That's Sarah on the right
Their teachers who we love!
A fun day playing at Gigi's house
Santa came to the peabody skating rink
Grandpa and Grandma came with us that day.
These next few pictures were of the Rockettes performance we saw at the Wang Center.  They were very tired and did NOT want their picture taken.
Wang Center
I wasn't supposed to take pictures but I'm a rebel like that