Sunday, January 01, 2012

Some videos

Now that I have a new iPhone 4 (once the 4s came out the price of the 4 dropped so I grabbed one after using my iphone 3 with a shattered screen for 4 months) I'm taking a lot more quick videos.  The HD video recording on my pro camera is phenomenal but not always convenient.

One day I was flipping through the channels and found America's Funniest Videos.  I don't think the kids had ever seen it and I KNEW they would love it.  I took a bunch of videos of their reactions.  This one was hysterical.
I can't even deal with how much this one makes me laugh. He's talking about a Dora episode I think. They NEVER watch that show but we were visiting a friend so he came to tell me about it. Madison skating a couple weeks ago This is a great example of how well they play together. I just love their imagination!

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