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The Saturday after Thanksgiving was controversy ridden.  I had an invite to my 20th high school reunion AND Chris's second cousin's wedding.  Had I not enjoyed high school or the people I went to school with I wouldn't have had any confusion.  I would have just gone to the wedding.  But I DID enjoy high school.  We didn't have a 15th reunion so it had been 10 years since I had seen most of the people.  Turns out Chris (and I believe some members of his family) was horrified by my decision to attend the wedding ceremony then drive to Boston to attend my reunion.  I didn't make this decision lightly but in the end I really had to do what made ME happy.

So Chris and I drove up to Gloucester during the day to check into a hotel.  The Ocean View Inn to be exact and they aren't kidding around with the name.  The view from our room was to die for!

We relaxed in the room for the afternoon.  I think I even did some work while sitting at a desk in front of the window.  I'm pretty sure I just gazed out the window the whole time though.

The wedding ceremony was beautiful and look at that bride!  wow!
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After the ceremony I dropped Chris off at the reception and drove (my brand spanking new car) to Boston (Actually picked up my friend Susan who was visiting from Chicago).  It was at the Back Bay Hotel and the organizers did a great job.  There were poster boards spread around the room with cut outs and photos from back in the day.  I'm the one in the front with the white shorts.

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I designed the invitations that went out to the whole class as well as the matching memorial below.
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It seemed like everyone had a great time.  I think I was worried that I would stick to my crew of close friends (some of them pictured below) but I was shocked at how very little time I spent with them.  We were all social butterflies.  I had a blast and there is already talk of getting together again over the summer.  4 hours was just not long enough to talk to everyone.
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If you're interested in seeing all of the pictures I took that night you can see them here.  I just felt funny singling out some of them to share here.

The time FLEW by and it was then time to drive back to Gloucester.  Chris was already back at the hotel and asleep when I got there.  I'm pretty sure he wasn't speaking to me.

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