Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Christmas Eve 2011

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Grandma and Grandpa's tree
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Alyssa and Raffe are the only cousins that spend Christmas eve with us
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Oh my girl!  She couldn't be more perfect!
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Papa and Grandma
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Nana and Maddie
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Aunt Judy and Maddie
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Papa, my cousin Tracy, Aunt Judy, Alan being entertained by Jackson
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"Fagetaboutit"  Papa taught Jackson to say that.  I think it's from a g*eico commercial??  But this picture really cracks me up because it looks like my mother is stabbing Chris in the eye with a fork.
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Aunt Judy brought this cinderella ballerina for Madison.  She sat at the table with us.
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Grandma blowing the whistle she got in her cracker
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Three generations
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My annual creme brule
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After my parents' house we went to the O'Connell's to visit like we do every year.  They had fun playing in 19 month old Henry's room.
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Henry is quite literally the size of a three year old.  The picture below makes me laugh.  It looks like he's bullying Jackson but he was just climbing up into the chair and leaned on him so he could sit.
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Then Jackson read him a book!  It was so cute!
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And Henry was a bit obsessed with cinderealla.  They all had so much fun playing together.  Madison and Jackson were throwing themselves on the ground to make Henry laugh and they were successful.
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Anonymous said...

I wish you could come document a day in our house. I wish you weren't so far away. Or, better yet, I wish I wasn't so far away. :)

Kerry Lynn said...

I CAN be hired ;-)