Friday, January 20, 2012

Reading to Kindergarten

Madison took the summer and fall off from reading her books.  She wasn't asking to do it and I just didn't want to push her.  Last week she saw the book and asked to read it.  She was VERY excited to get more stickers.  I believe she had read 6 out of 10 books in level 1 last winter/spring and she finished the last 4 in one day last week.  I had Chris pick up the level 2 series and she dove right into that.  Nana came over one day and Madison read to her.  She was so impressed and asked Maddie if she wanted to read a book to her (Nana's) kindergarten class.  She said yes and was very excited.  She did it yesterday and did a fantastic job!  She still mixes up her b's and d's but (almost) always catches herself.  I took some clips of her reading to the class and put them together for family to see.  Jackson came up to watch her with me.  I was so proud of her!!


K J and the kids said...

Nice job little sister ! Woo hoo !

Wendy and Karen said...

She is so incredible. I'm so jealous.