Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Maddie can read!

Maddie has been showing lots of signs that she is ready to read. She knew all of the consonant sounds and then very quickly learned the vowels. I bought her this really cute series of books. I skipped the level Pre-K of it and went right onto the Level 1 because in the book store she read the first book in it completely by herself the very first time. After you read a book all by yourself you get a sticker to put in the front of the book. I let her put a sticker in the first book as soon as we got home. She was very excited.

This video is the second book in the series. She and I went through it twice before I took this video. And by went through it I mean she attempted to sound out the words and when she got stuck I gave her clues.

After this book I tried to get her to do the third book but she wasn't interested and I didn't want to push it. She hasn't wanted to do it since either though. But she did read a Dick and Jane book over the weekend with my mother. And my parents have been using sight word flash cards with her.

You'll see in the video that she is sounding out each word and is definitely not using the pictures to figure out what the words are. I'm so proud of her it's ridiculous!

(wicked long video)

Just for history's sake Jackson does not know any letter if you ask him what one is. Although this morning he was tracing an "O" in the super why game on the ipad and he said "hey! this is like a zero!" He doesn't know numbers by sight either. Except zero apparently.


Rhiann said...

I'm very impressed! Maddie's got MAD skills! :-)

I love her enthusiastic wiggles too. So cute.

What books are those?

1526 said...

Holy crap, Kerrie. That's a big deal. She's not even four! Good lord!

Kerry Lynn said...

Thanks guys! She's a smart cookie :-)

I updated the post with a link to the series on amazon. I really recommend it!

Each little book concentrates on two or three specific things like this one was the "o" sound as in fox. The first book was the "a" sound as in rat.

K J and the kids said...

She is EXTREMELY smart. Syd was 4 and I thought she was brilliant. AMAZING !
Way to go maddie :)

Wendy and Karen said...

Incredible! Way to go Maddie!

I'm soooo impressed and pretty jealous.

I can't wait for Kylie to learn to read.

E. from Pot o' Gold said...

That's so awesome Kerry!