Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Who knew pregnancy could weaken your immune system and reawaken that nasty chicken pox virus. I have shingles. Shingles only effects one part of your body and mine is only my upper face/head. I have blisters on my forehead, temple, eyebrow, eyelid and on my scalp but just on the right side. Aparently the blisters need to heal and then I'll be better which should be a couple of weeks however in the mean time the blisters feel like I was burned in a fire. Since I am pregnant I can not take any of the normal pain meds they would give a shingles patient. The only relief I get is when I am sleeping which is hard to do.
My OB assured me that nothing can happen to the babies which is a relief.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

10 Weeks

Today I am 10 weeks along. I had another ultrasound today which was great because the babies went from looking like blobs to looking...ok not really human...more like hampsters. We were very relieved that everything is looking great. They are upsidedown in these images. Heads are at the bottom. You can even see their spines!