Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New guitars

They love their new guitars. I cracks me up that Jackson is bouncing his leg in the beginning like he's keeping time.

Jackson comes in at the end to yell at me.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Day

We started out at home obviously and opened all the presents that Santa brought.
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I believe this is my 10th little blue box in my stocking. Santa is always good to me. This year I got a heart shaped charm that says "mom" on it. For now I'm wearing it on a chain since I don't have a charm bracelet. I believe that will come next Christmas :-)

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And my big surprise was an ipod touch. I love Chris's iphone but I already have a really inexpensive cell phone plan. We just can't afford to add me to Chris's already outrageously expensive data plan. But with the ipod touch I can still use all the apps that he has. I love to just sit down and play a game every once in a while. And if I'm near a wi-fi I can even get on the internet.
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After opening all our presents at home we went to my parents' house. We had our annual cinnamon buns and hot chocolate.
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Maddie got this Tinker Bell nightgown and she wore it for the rest of the day. (They're still in their pajamas because you're supposed to open presents in your pajamas).
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They got toy laptops, a bunch of toy food for their kitchen at Grandma and Grandpa's house, some clothes, a large toy golf club, some movies and probably a lot of other stuff that is slipping my mind right now.

After that we went to Chris's parents' house to open presents with his family.
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They were certainly spoiled by their Aunts and Uncles. Lots of Mickey and Minnie stuff, clothes, toys.
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Nana and Papa got them inflatable sleds, clothes, and a train set! Nana Fitzy got them real guitars that they absolutely love!
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Nana Fitzy playing Maddie's guitar. I've never played a string instrument before but I know how to match pitch. The guitars came with a pitch pipe to tune the strings. In attempting to tighten the strings in order to raise the pitch I broke 3 strings! Nana Fitzy kept yelling at me to stop trying to tune it. I then learned to replace the strings and left them alone. So the guitars are not tuned at all.
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By the time dinner was ready Jackson was already asleep upstairs so I hadn't even gotten him dressed in his Christmas outfit. I wasn't going to bother changing Maddie either since I knew she was going to be napping soon. By the time they both woke up from their naps it was so late that I didn't even bother.

Jill and Maddie
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The Nekoroski's came over later in the evening.
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Look at my big girl playing the guitar! We were all singing Christmas songs as she played. (I ended up putting her in her dress by the end of the evening)
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Then it was Jackson's turn. He's actually using a pick in this picture.
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Steve, Karen, Jackie and Nana Fitzy relaxing after dinner.
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The next morning we put together the train set. It's really kept them occupied. We're checking out our train table options because it moves around too much on the floor and they bump into it.
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This was a really fabulous Christmas. So hectic but the kids' excitement was so special to see.

Christmas Eve

These are the majority of the gifts "Santa" gave the kids. I took a picture before I wrapped them.

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Christmas Eve day I took the kids to my mother's house so I could help get ready for dinner that night. With them there I really was no help. I tried to get them to take a nap around 2 and after MUCH screaming Jackson finally gave in and fell asleep. Then I tried to get Maddie to sleep but she just sang and talked for an hour until Jackson woke up. By then it was 4:20 and I had to get in the shower. I don't think my mom was pleased with the lack of help but they just don't make things easy on me these days.

Once people started showing up my mom was in a better mood. This year we had Mike, Kristen, Raffe, Alyssa, Steve, Eileen, Bruce, Nana Fitzy, Aunt Judy, Allen, Tracy, Donna & Ted.
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Maddie and Jackson actually sat at the table for a brief moment and ate some spaghetti. By the time everyone else sat down they were done.
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Poppers have been in our Christmas Eve tradition since Chris and I had our second Christmas together in 99. They have the goofiest prizes in them but they always entertain us. We're a goofy crazy bunch so we could really make a napkin entertaining. This is Maddie's first popper. I was pulling the other end and trying to take a picture. She won!
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Jackson and his popper.
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Things were so crazy in the afternoon that I completely forgot to make my creme brule. I have made it every year for the past 8 or 9 so I felt bad breaking the tradition not to mention that we didn't have any dessert!

Chris and I packed up the kids at 9 and headed over to the O'Connell's. Chris and I have gone there every Christmas Eve since our first in 98. Unfortunately Matt and Stacy weren't there but it's always nice to catch up with Mr. and Mrs. O.

The kids went to bed around 11 when we got home and were pretty well behaved for being up so late and not having a nap. As we were bringing them in the house I pointed up to the sky and said "Look! I see Santa flying with his reindeer! Do you see them?" Maddie said with such excitement, "YES!"
We made a big deal to them that Santa was going to come to the house after they fell asleep.
At 4 am Jackson woke up crying for his puppy so I went in to get it for him. Maddie was awake too and said "I want to see Santa." I said "oh no honey! Santa doesn't stay for you to see him." She got really sad and started crying, "I want to see Santa!!!" It was so sad!!!
They went back to sleep and didn't wake up again until 8:30! I think that's the latest we've ever slept (even before kids) and probably won't ever be that late again.

Catching up

I can't believe how far behind I am. The weeks leading up to Christmas were a complete blur for me. I had so many photo sessions and card designs and even a video to make that I had to let everything else slide.

I'll start out with some random photos then move along to Christmas photos in the next post.

Here is Jackson holding the kitty.
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This is the bracelet that the whole family wears to support Jim in Afghanistan.
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Hanging out in the yard while Chris puts up the Christmas lights.
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Maddie discovered her pockets that day. She looked so cute walking around with them in there.
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Jackson got the toys out of the bin outside and found the goggles. Of course he HAD to have them on.
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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

More random photos

The Girl Kitty
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I still haven't finalized my holiday cards. Today I did a third "session" with them to get pictures I'm happy with. I'm so glad it isn't this difficult to get pictures of other peoples' kids. I think I FINALLY designed one I love. I'm just going to go with it before I change my mind. These were from the third session today.
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Shauna and Bryan's new place

Shauna and Bryan had us over for dinner the other night at their new apartment. Alison and Caitlin (the star of my photography website) came too. Jackson and Madison traumatized poor Desmond the puppy and thank god one of their cats is as tolerant as ours because Jackson walked into the room holding him. The cat is seriously as big as he is. Dinner was SOOOO good. Tacos and fajitas made by Bryan. I want more now!

Jackson thought Caitlin was pretty cool but Maddie didn't want much to do with her.
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Jackson and Caitlin chasing each other.
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We had our first significant snowfall this past Saturday evening so first thing Sunday morning I bundled them up and took them outside. They absolutely loved it!!
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It looks like they're playing with the lens flare!
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The snow wasn't very sticky so their attempt at a snowman wasn't very successful.
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