Wednesday, December 09, 2009


We went up to Kristin and Marc's house a few weeks ago to hang out with friends and their kids. We'll always try to celebrate a birthday or two that happen to be around the date we're getting together. This time it was Kristin and Brenda.

I'm not sure what my kids' obsession is with taking their clothes off. I know I could say no but I just don't see the harm in it so why cause a tantrum. And Jackson is obsessed with cakes. I think I have a picture of him like this with every cake he's ever seen.

IMG_6941 (4 of 9)

IMG_6949 (5 of 9)

IMG_6956 (8 of 9)

I think I almost passed out after taking these pictures. Marc's martini's were lethal that night. I really never get that drunk but I had to lay in a chair and close my eyes for a while. After the hour ride home I felt better believe it or not.

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