Sunday, December 27, 2009

Catching up

I can't believe how far behind I am. The weeks leading up to Christmas were a complete blur for me. I had so many photo sessions and card designs and even a video to make that I had to let everything else slide.

I'll start out with some random photos then move along to Christmas photos in the next post.

Here is Jackson holding the kitty.
IMG_8736 (3 of 41)

This is the bracelet that the whole family wears to support Jim in Afghanistan.
IMG_8747 (4 of 41)

Hanging out in the yard while Chris puts up the Christmas lights.
IMG_8756 (5 of 41)

Maddie discovered her pockets that day. She looked so cute walking around with them in there.
IMG_8749 (6 of 41)

Jackson got the toys out of the bin outside and found the goggles. Of course he HAD to have them on.
IMG_8771 (7 of 41)

IMG_8769 (8 of 41)

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