Thursday, October 04, 2012

Today was the day - Kindergarten honeymoon is over

Only two weeks into school and we had our first illness. Jackson woke up with a fever on Monday so he stayed home Monday Tuesday and Wednesday.  I figured Madison had whatever bug he had even though she wasn't fighting it off yet so I didn't want to send her to school and spread whatever it was.  She ended up getting the fever on Tuesday but she went to school on Wednesday and Jackson was still sick.  We were thinking that Jackson really should go on Wednesday because he seemed to not have a fever anymore but he had a huge meltdown and we figured it was because he was still not feeling well. So now this morning Thursday morning I was getting them ready to go and Jackson was on board he knew he had to go to school but he was giving me a hard time about getting dressed and talking about how he didn't want to go.  They both talked about how they missed their old school and how they really liked going there because they got to see Nana.  The only way I got Jackson out of the house was giving him the impression that he wasn't going to go to school that we were just going to bring Maddie.  When I brought them up to the door Madison went right in the Jackson hid behind me because he didn't want the teacher to see him.  I let her know he was having a really hard time coming to school and that he didn't want to be there so she came and talk to him and tried to get him excited and talked about that it was Joey's birthday and they had cookies.  He seemed interested but he was more interested in going home with me.  She asked if I wanted to come in with him so I did and he just clung to me he wouldn't let go.  I stayed in the room for a little while.  Madison was just sitting drawing a picture of her and grandma while this is all going on.  The teacher suggested we get the guidance counselor to come and help because I wasn't sure if I should just leave or try to make it easy on him (somehow).  Once she arrived she tried talking to him and he wanted nothing to do with her.  He was hysterically crying and clinging to me for dear life saying "I want to stay with you mama!  Don't leave!!".  I burst into tears and hugged him so tight and told him I loved him.  I literally had to peel him off of me down to his little tiny fingers clinging onto my sweater.  I turned and walked out of the room sobbing and out of the building.
I cried all the way to my car.  I just feel so sad that he has to feel like this.  It breaks my heart.

I wasn't home for 10 minutes when the school called to tell me that he stopped crying immediately after I left and was happy and engaged.

I just got back from picking them up and Jackson was fine but he just said to me again "I just wanted to stay with you".  Hopefully he got it out of his system and doesn't do the same thing tomorrow!!!!