Friday, April 13, 2012

I made it!

So I made the trip just fine.  Chris dropped me off at the airport and since I had stayed up most of the night to ensure I fell asleep on the plane I was a bit emotional.  I couldn't stop sobbing.  He felt so bad.  It went mostly smoothly and the flights went by much faster than I thought they would.
First I flew to Washington DC and I barely got a chance to do anything.  I think I listened to a little bit of the twilight audio book and then they said we were getting ready to land!  I easily made my way to the gate for the flight to Tokyo.  While I was waiting to board I was able to get on wifi and chat with people.  That flight took off about 40 minutes late because they were installing an electrical outlet for someone who needed it for a CPAP machine.  I needed it for mine too but because I didn't tell them ahead of time I couldn't have my own but they were nice enough to let me share with the other person.  HAHA!  So we get on the plane and it's a cigarette lighter plug which neither of us could use so they spent more time trying to find an adapter but couldn't, then the person who did arrange for this ahead of time was pissed and wanted to know what they could do for her so they kept leaving to find out something and coming back to tell her there was nothing they could do.  She handled it very well. We finally took off.  The lady next to me and I talked quite a bit which made time go by.  I listed to a little of catching fire, watched girl with the dragon tattoo, slept on and off for 6 hours.  There was no way for me to get comfortable since my tailbone still bothers me from when I fell off the horse last year.  We had two meals during the flight.  not the best food in the world but it did the trick.  Sooner than I thought it was time to land in Tokyo 14 hours after we took off.

Once I was off the plane I went through immigration which was really simple then I was off to find my gate.  I definitely got lost doing that but was able to ask someone where the gate was and I found it just fine.  There was a food place where I got some lo mein to eat.  It was yummy!  I tried to find wifi but couldn't get any there.  I started to watch a show while waiting and then it was time to board.  I was shocked to walk past the agent to see a bus.  We got on a bus and drove out to the tiny airplane.  At that point I wasn't nervous about flying anymore.  I got on the plane and immediately fell asleep until we landed in Komatsu.  I was a little worried about how I was going to manage at Komatsu because I needed to find the bus to Kanazawa Station but I also needed to find an ATM!  The people didn't speak english but were easily able to help me.  I got my money, went out to the bus and as soon as I got on it took off like it was waiting for me.  The bus ride was about 30 minutes and when I arrived at Kanazawa in the evening, dave met me at the bus, checked me into my hotel, then we went to dinner at mall near at station where Miho, his brother, sister in law, and two other friends were already eating.  I got a salad type thing since I wasn't feeling overly hungry.  After that we all walked back to the hotel and I went to bed!

Monday, April 09, 2012

Going away

I'm leaving in the morning for Japan. I'm nervous. I wish I wasn't because I'm old enough to know that worrying doesn't help anything. I'm nervous to fly. I'm nervous hat I will forget something. I'm nervous to leave the kids and of course chris. This will be the longest I've ever been away from any of them
But I AM looking forward to solitude. The 24 hour trip each way is going to be so nice to just be me.

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