Friday, January 14, 2011

Poor Jackson

I took the kids sledding today. On our way from the car to the big hill the kids found this teeny tiny hill and by hill I mean very slight decline. They decided it would be fun so sled down it. So they did. At one point I looked over and Jackson was at the bottom off his sled with a stunned look on his face. There was a huge snow ball like the base of a snowman next to him. I asked him if he ran into it and he said yes but he wasn't crying so I wasn't worried about it.

After we trudged our way through the two feet of snow (the kids were literally sinking up to their waists and needing help) we got to the top of the big hill. At that point I noticed there was blood on Jackson's face. He had little scrapes all over his nose, chin and forehead!

We slid for about an hour and trudged back through the snow to get to the car. On the way back I inspected the massive snow ball. Turns out it was a freaking piece of ice.

Hopefully next time he'll put his hands out to protect his handsome little face!



Wendy and Karen said...

He is so dang handsome!

K J and the kids said...

I'm just impressed that he didn't cry. jeesh. My kids would have been screaming. :)