Sunday, March 11, 2012

I found Jackson on the shelves of KMart!

We were at Toys R Us yesterday and randomly saw one of the my little pony toys that Madison modeled with last summer.  I was so excited to see if her picture was on the box but it wasn't :-(  They had chosen another little girl who was dressed just like her.  I remembered that she held a different version of the same toy but I didn't see it on the shelves.  When we got home I googled it and found it but the images online only show the front of the box.  I called another store that had them in stock and asked her to describe the girl on the back of the box but it wasn't Madison either.  :-(

But then I decided to search for the stroller that Jackson modeled for and found out it's on the shelves at KMart.  Again none of the images online have any kids in them so I had to go down there to look at the box myself.  I was so nervous but there he was!!!  I was bummed I was the only one int the aisle because I wanted to announce it to everyone.  Maybe it was a good thing no one else was there ;-)


K J and the kids said...

Very cool ! Such a celebrity :)

Kerry Lynn said...

would you like an autograph?