Monday, March 12, 2012

Madison at Berroco

I really can't believe I didn't write about this yet.  I was so excited to see the catalogue that Madison was in January!  I'm sure I shared it on facebook but this poor blog is so neglected (as is my blog reading...pathetic I tell ya).  :-(
The description of her shoot can be seen here and all of the images I took that day can be seen here (I can share now because the catalogue is out) but I will share a few favorites here. IMG_0586 (3 of 83) IMG_0597 (9 of 83) IMG_0604 (16 of 83) IMG_0620 (29 of 83)help me obi wan kanobi. you're my only hope.

IMG_0621 (30 of 83) IMG_0624 (33 of 83) IMG_0631 (40 of 83) IMG_0636 (42 of 83) IMG_0673 (56 of 83) IMG_0695 (68 of 83) IMG_0627 (22 of 27) I know I already shared this but I don't think I got enough love for it.

IMG_0690 (4 of 27)

So In January I was stalking the Berroco website to see when the new catalogue was coming out.  It finally did and I was so excited!
This is a link to all of the patterns that were photographed that day.
Madison's individual links are here here and here.
And then Berroco made their own blog posts about the day.  Part one is here.  Part two is here.

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K J and the kids said...

Such a doll. And that red hair !
and now....I don't want a puppy. I don't want a puppy. I don't want a puppy. thanks a lot. :)