Friday, March 16, 2012

5th Birthday

As I went back in my blog to reminisce about the birth of my precious babies I was shocked at how little I shared and talked about.  Well, I guess it's not that surprising since it was a very difficult time and I was either pumping, feeding a baby, changing a baby, or dreaming about sleep.  But it made me want to go back into my photo album to see what more I could share.

They were born at 3am on the 17th and this photo was taken at some point after the sun came up.  Madison on the left and Jackson on the right.

My Aunt uncle and Grandmother came to visit on the 17th (among MANY other people).  My Aunt bought them these bunnies.  When I took their one year photos their heads were as tall as the bunnies.  They were so tiny when they were born and it's hard to see that in photos.

It amazes me they let teeny tiny infants ride in car seats.

I'm sharing this picture because the shirt that Olivia is wearing got handed down to Madison and she wore it a LOT.  I don't remember Olivia having the shirt so when I came across this picture tonight I thought, "what is Olivia doing wearing Madison's shirt??"  LOL

Back when they shared a crib.  They were propped up to help with the spitting up, completely covered in bibs and cloth diapers to catch the spit up, swaddled in miracle blankets, and in those positioners to keep them feeling more snug.  It was quite a process to put them down to sleep especially when they would just wake up 2 hours later and we'd need to do it all again.  These blankets were made by my Grandma Fargo.

Look how big the pacifiers are!


K J and the kids said...

I have never realized that Syd and your twins share the same birthday.
Happy St. Patty's birthday guys !

Kerry Lynn said...

haha! I think I comment that on your blog every year!