Tuesday, March 27, 2012

5th Birthday Party

We had the kids' party at the same play place we've had it the last two years.  They love it there and we literally can't beat the price anywhere else...not even having it at home.

Here are the cakes.  They were about $17 each.  I adore my cake lady.  Every year before the party I have to drive to Gloucester to get them then to Haverhill for the party but it's well worth it.  I send her some general ideas and this is what she comes up with.

Madison adored the crown on her cake.

Jackson's cake had all of HIS favorite superheroes on the side.

Madison's very special guest Rainbow Dash

Now that's how to eat cake!

Jackson and Madison (and Chris) have been very into superheroes lately so we were all decked out in our superhero shirts.  You can't really see my batman shirt though and Maddie's Supergirl shirt isn't overly obvious.


Courtney said...

I need that cake lady's info again! The cakes looked awesome!

Kerry Lynn said...

You commented before I even finished posting! There is commentary now. I'll text you her info. She's absolutely amazing.

K J and the kids said...

Looks like the Perfect party !
Happy 5th birthday Madison and Jackson