Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Busy with Madison

In the last week I've taken Madison to casting calls three times!
The first was last Monday for an Alfresco chicken sausage commercial. We got there and Madison wanted nothing to do with it. She wouldn't take her head out of my arm or talk to anybody. I was flipping out mad on the inside. We literally had to leave because she refused to go in. There was a very strong voice telling me not to leave. I had to figure out a way to get her to go back in. I ended up calling chris's mother to see if she could convince her to go back up. She promised to take her to the Museum of Science and she went back up there like a different person. She did awesome and they actually called her back. At the callback she was super happy to be there. I think they had called back 8 girls. They told me that night that they want her for the shoot but she is the alternate so she might not even be filmed. She has a fitting tomorrow and filming is Thursday at 6 AM?? Who's idea was that?? So this one job will consist of 4 trips into Boston for me. Not really sure it's worth the money she'll make as an alternate :-S

The other audition was for a baby alive commercial. What a cattle call that was! The place was crawling with adorable little girls. I haven't heard back on that one yet but it's been a while so I'm assumed she wasn't called back for it.

I must admit I think I like the print work better!

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Courtney said...

Yay, Madison!! Very exciting!