Sunday, January 01, 2012

Beginning of December 2011

Lynnfield had their tree lighting ceremony on Dec 3rd.  They also have a country store that my mother has a huge hand in organizing and running.  I brought the kids there after a few photo sessions in the morning and we hung out there until it was dark.  We saw so many people we knew including Jackson's two girlfriends.  Mickaela above found him first.  Jackson swears up and down that she is not his girlfriend and gets mad if Chris says she is, but she LOVES him.  They were chasing each other for the longest time until...
He was busted by his actual girlfriend Sarah.  Sarah has been his girlfriend since Sept of 2010.  Ridiculous that at 3 they knew what girlfriend/boyfriend was but whatever.  It's really cute.  Sarah is very sporty and I think that's what he likes about her.  They play soccer at school every day (that they're there).  Sara's mom and dad tell me that she prays for him every single night.  How cute is that??
Lynnfield Common before the tree lighting ceremony
Lynnfield Common after the tree lighting
Through my connections at Boston Parent Bloggers (link in the sidebar) I was able to get complimentary tickets to see Peter Pan 360.  The show was incredible and very impressive since it was in a tent.  The entire ceiling of the tent was a projection screen.  The actors were attached to cables and would fly through the air.  With the moving images being projected it looked like they were actually flying through London.  I had an extra ticket so Chris's mom came with us.  After the show we got a tour of back stage and met some of the actors and puppets.
Tick tock crock
Nanny the dog greeting all of the kids.  Love that smile on Jackson's face.
On our way out of the tent the actors that played Peter Pan and Wendy were already back in their regular clothes and stopped to say hello to the group of us.  Madison and Jackson wanted nothing to do with them!

December was a great month for me with all kinds of great complimentary events and products.  I'm hoping 2012 will bring even more fun opportunities!

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