Sunday, January 01, 2012

Random photos

iPhone in Lynnfield Center 11/14/2011  This tree hadn't lost a leaf yet!
11/16 I finally broke down and leased a new car.  Payments are way cheap and my gas bill is almost half.  It's quite a difference from my V8 grand cherokee but I absolutely love driving it.  It's a manual and has nice sporty steering.  The kids were excited to get a new car but they almost cried when we left our old one at the dealership.  I must admit I did too.
2000 V8 Grand Cherokee with 159,000 miles.   We bought it in 2001, the year we got married.  This car got us to the hospital in 2007 in a horrific snow storm where even the highways were not clear while I was in labor.  It also brought our babies home from the hospital.
20 miles!  8 of them were my test drive.  It had 12 the very first time I got in it.  And note the temp on 11/16/2011.
12/5/2011 and 61!
12/6/2011 63!
12/22/2011 54!

The weather here has been just incredible.  Today is January 1st and the temp was easily 55.  It was beautiful out today!

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