Friday, September 30, 2011

Marini Farm Fun

Since I'm so far behind I'll just start with something current.  I had bought a groupon for a corn maze, apple cannon, hay ride, and bouncy thing for four so we went last weekend.  It was so HOT!
We brought 12 year old nephew Raffe with us.  

We had never done a corn maze before and I was surprised how hard it was.  We were definitely in there for an hour MELTING.  All of the kids (including Chris) were whining.  I swear the only reason we even got out was because we got a hint from one of the workers.
We ended up at 5 guys for lunch.  The kids were totally entertained with the peanuts.  As in they were playing with them!  Making them talk to each other, walking around.  It was so cute!

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