Thursday, August 28, 2008

Wedding 3 of 4: Adam and Lauren

This was another outstanding wedding.  The ceremony was in Rockport and the reception was at the Cruiseport Gloucester.  The place is massive and so beautiful with a view of the harbor.

The beautiful bride and her dad

Nana all dressed up and looking beautiful

Our classy family drinking bee-ahs in the parking lot of the reception

1 of 4: Courtney and Steve

This is our (sort of) cousin Rob.  He was the best man.  He gave a very touching speech that left everyone reaching for the kleenex.  He and his wife (who got married on the Regis and Kelly show a few years ago) are expecting twins!  They just found out today that it is a boy and a girl.  I couldn't be happier for them!!

Bring on 4 of 4: Mike and Kristen!

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Weeze said...

Love the photos, especially Rob sticking his tongue out!!!
Love the beach photos too, they are just so cute:)
PS- I did a blog update, Finally!