Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My silly kids

One day a few weeks ago they came across the santa costume in their bureau. They were fighting over who got to wear it.


Jackson wanted to sit on Maddie's lap and tell her what he wanted for Christmas! HAHA I was so surprised she let him near her let alone sit ON her.

Now that I've totally slacked off on the monthly letters I feel like I haven't shared much information. I feel badly because I really want to document as much as I can as timely as I can. I have continued to take pictures on the 17th of every month though. I haven't shared those because I was thinking that I would eventually do a post. Maybe I'll share 6 of them in September and write a letter then? Then continue every six months with the letters? I don't know. I'll figure it out.

But for now, Maddie is 100% potty trained. She still has accidents here and there but she doesn't even wear a diaper to bed. The thing that shocked me most was how ready she was to wear underwear at night. I thought I'd keep her in a diaper for a really long time to avoid any messes in the middle of the night. From the day she stopped wearing a diaper during the day (Memorial Day) she woke up dry every single morning. After a couple of weeks I decided to stop doing the diaper at night. She has never had an accident at night. I think one night she woke up and said she had to go but other than that she sleeps through the night and is completely dry in the morning.

Jackson is still being a pain with wearing underwear. He is perfectly willing and able to pee and poop in the potty but he just can't be trusted. No matter how often I have him go he will still randomly pee on the floor.

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Wendy and Karen said...

Way to go Maddie!