Monday, February 28, 2011

Remember me?

OH my poor children. I'm just so far behind! These pictures are from a month ago. For those of you not from around here we have had an insane winter. I can't remember exactly now but I think there were 5 major storms in 5 consecutive weeks. We generally get one or two major storms in a year! The days the storms fell on we only missed one day of school (they're only in school on Tuesday and Thursday) and one day of dance class though.

So here are some photos from after one of the storms.
IMG_3043 (7 of 7)

Chris was throwing them in the air into the snow. They loved it!!
IMG_3030 (6 of 7)

IMG_3022 (5 of 7)

IMG_2981 (4 of 7)

IMG_2974 (3 of 7)

This is our patio table.
IMG_2959 (2 of 7)

IMG_2954 (1 of 7)

We're really hoping the snow is done for this year!!!

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