Friday, November 04, 2011


Since meeting Noah at our swim class last spring our lives have pretty much revolved around him. Madison and Jackson just love him. I think the feeling is mutual as when Noah got some pet fish he named them Madison and Jackson! How cute is that??
The session of gymnastics they all took together at the Y in Marblehead is over now and we've switched schools. For the same price they got two extra classes per session. We're now at Yellow Jackets and it was one of the top recommended places in the area. I was thrilled when we went this week for the first time. The place is HUGE and the 3 story high walls are covered with trophies. I really want serious instruction for them and this is where they're going to get it! After Madison's first class the coach said "I see her going places". I must admit she looks like a natural out there. :-) Jackson is great too as is Noah.

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