Saturday, July 07, 2012

Some firsts

I wanted to talk about some firsts for Madison and Jackson while they were fresh in my mind.

You know the monkey bars at the playground?  The ones that you hang from and move one hand to the next?  Yeah, up until today I thought I was going to have to hold them up until they were 10.  I just couldn't see how they would ever develop the strength it takes to do it.  Well, today (7/7/2012) Jackson decided to try by himself and he did it!!!  I was so proud of him!!

Then Madison decided that she could put her face in the water, hold her breath, and "swim" under water!  Again, something I thought they'd never figure out how to do.  Once she started she didn't want to stop!

I hope these videos work for you guys cause they sure as heck don't for me.  And they are terrible quality?  Am I missing something?

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K J and the kids said...

Way to go kiddo's !