Saturday, August 11, 2012

Cape Cod August 2012

I'm just going to post about my most recent adventure with the kids and maybe work my way back since I'm so far behind!

This week I had a photo session scheduled in Falmouth.  Since Nana Fitzy lives in Falmouth I asked Nana if she would come down for a few days with the kids and me for a little vacation.  Might as well stay a while if I'm going to drive all that way for a session!  The session was on Friday so we left Tuesday after gymnastics.

That night we had dinner at home with Nana Fitzy, the kids went to bed and we watched the Olympics.  When I went up to bed this is how I found them on the cot.


The next day we packed up and went to the beach with Nana.  This is the first beach M&J ever went to.

On Thursday I suggested going to Martha's Vineyard (I can't believe it was two years ago I went with them!) so Nana came with us.  We had lunch at the Black dog.
IMG_3635 (7 of 7) 2photo

We decided to hop on a public transportation bus to Edgartown.  They were handing out shark hats in celebration of shark week in honor of the movie Jaws being filmed there.
IMG_3640 (6 of 7)

Main Street Edgartown
IMG_3643 (5 of 7)

We ate ice cream with a view of Chappaquiddick Island.
IMG_3652 (4 of 7) IMG_3661 (3 of 7)

The harbormaster gave us some bread to feed the ducks.  That was fun.  We ducked in and out of a few shops then got back on a bus to Vineyard Haven to take the boat back to Falmouth.

IMG_3665 (2 of 7) IMG_3667 (1 of 7)

Waiting for the boat

We were all pretty beat when we got back home.  When I put the kids to bed that night they were in separate beds.  When I went up to go to bed this is how they were!!  They just melt me sometimes!


So turns out my client's family had the stomach bug and had to cancel the shoot on Friday.  So we packed up early and were on the road around 12:30.  We made a stop at Ikea to check out furniture and had lunch there.  That place is just amazing!  By the time we got back on the road we were stuck in lots of traffic.  :-(

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K J and the kids said...

Love the pictures. Such beautiful little people !