Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Some pictures from January so far

When we designed our kitchen we put our microwave in an open lower cabinet so it wouldn't take up any valuable counter space. The kids absolutely love to stand at it and look at themselves in the reflection. Luckily it's the kind of microwave that is all flat buttons so they can't push them for now.

These are the sleepers that Uncle Mike, Auntie Kristen, and Raffi sent up from Atlanta for Christmas.


Wendy & Karen said...

That dress is so cute! And standing on her tippy toes and her smile....heaven!

Eva said...

They are looking so adorable! I can't believe how cute she looks in that dress.

Kerry Lynn said...

That dress is size 3-6 months from Gap! It fits her perfectly now. If we go out of the house she has tights and a cardigan sweater over it. I've always loved it so I'm glad it's still fitting her.

Rhiann said...

Madison's dress is sooo sweet on her. Little girls are darling in dresses! That is a photo to cherish(like you don't have a million others!)

And Jackson looks awfully mischievous in both of his photos. Especially the sleeper one.

How do you do it everyday? I feel like I cannot get anything done with only ONE baby!