Thursday, February 12, 2009


We're all finally healthy again.   I'm actually surprised my flu/cold didn't last longer.  It usually lingers for a couple of weeks.

I have to get my butt back to the gym.  Since I've been better I just haven't had the motivation.  One good thing about being sick is that I lost 4 pounds that week and only gained one back this week.  So since starting exercise I'm down 7 pounds.

I still don't have the car back.  It's all ready to pick up but the cost was much higher than we anticipated so we need to wait to get our taxes back.  Glad we don't live in CA!  I'd be super pissed off.  I did them last week so now i just need to wait for the direct deposit to come through.  Chris's mom is going to Florida for school vacation next week and had graciously offered her car for our use starting Friday.

This past monday I had a photoshoot with 1 year old Hazel who is a friend of a friend's daughter.  Her mom Amanda has been secretly reading my blog since she also has PCOS and went through similar fertility issues.  We even were at the same clinic.  I've been reading her blog since Hazel was born.  You really should check out the shoot and her blog.  Hazel has had quite an amazing journey.  The details are on my photography blog.

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