Monday, February 02, 2009


Sunday morning I woke up still feeling extremely achy and Jackson still had a fever.  Tylenol and motrin were our friends.  Monday morning I woke up with a horrible cough and runny/stuffy nose.  Chris had already gone to work and there wasn't anyone to come over and help me with the kids.  All I could do was lay on the couch but had to change diapers, fill milk cups, feed babies, clean up peach syrup that Madison spilled all over the chair (my fault for leaving it in reach), clean up blueberries that Madison decided to pour out of the container (my fault for leaving it in reach), console a still fevery Jackson when Madison completely slammed a door on his hand, and blow my nose a thousand times.  And this was all before 11 am.  By 11:30 they seemed like they might be ready for a nap even though they had just gotten up at 8.  I put them both in their cribs.  Madison fell asleep right away but Jackson cried and cried.  I was able to sneak in and get him.  He and I slept in my bed until 4:30!  Chris had come home at 1:30 for the day so he got Maddie up when she woke up at 3:00 so Jackson and I could continue to sleep.  Before she got up Chris went to the store to get me raspberry ginger favorite when I'm sick.  Thanks babe!

I didn't end up giving Jackson motrin today and by the evening he seemed much better.  So now it's just me!  I missed work again tonight which is NOT good for our bank account and I haven't worked out since last wednesday!

Oh and our mechanic STILL hasn't called to tell us the car is ready.  Does he think we have other cars at our disposal??  How can he expect that a family can be without a car for that long.  The last time I talked to him he said he was just working on one more thing.

My mom is coming over tomorrow morning to help me out thank god!  

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E, SS and the Little Man said...

Oh my god. Sounds like a nightmare. That is definitely one thing I don't like about motherhood - having to deal with a baby when I'm sick (and you have two!). Sorry about your car. Raspberry ginger ale? YUM! Where on earth do you find that?