Thursday, June 18, 2009

27 Months

Dear Madison and Jackson,

We've had a lot of fun this month. I love the times we spend playing around, like when we do airplanes and I lift you up in the air with my feet and fly you around. Or when I kiss your cheeks over and over and you laugh so hard. Or when you take turns running into my arms over and over. I just love how fun and happy you both are.
That's not to say you don't both have your share of not so good moments. This month I feel like we've had a bit of a setback as far as your independence goes. Basically if you're awake you're insisting on food, drink, or to be sitting or playing with me. It's so hard to get anything done. I just keep telling myself it won't be like this for long and I'll miss it when it's gone.
Nap time isn't a guarantee every day anymore and that's a little depressing for me. I think Jackson would take one every day but Madison seems to stay up for over an hour after going down. Some days I have to go in and get Madison after Jackson has fallen asleep and lay down with her in my bed to get her to sleep.
New this month is the announcement of passing gas. This is always delightful when in the middle of Trader Joes Jackson exclaims loudly, "I fuf (fluffed)!!!" followed by a jolly laugh. You also announce it when the other one does it.
Bath time is still a nightmare. You both love run to the bath when I say "who wants to take a bath??" but getting your hair wet and rinsing it is torturous for all three of us. Auntie Rachael gave us a bucket that she used for Nichole that lets you pour the water without it going in your face. I'm still trying but so far you hate that more than the cup I use.

Dear Jackson,

I swear every day you get cuter and more fun. You really enjoy making people laugh so you will wait to see if someone is laughing at something you're doing and then you'll do it again. You absolutely love the kitty and insist on holding her any time you see her. Luckily she has never hissed at or scratched or bitten you even when you're laying on top of her.
A couple weeks ago at Auntie Rachael's house you figured out that if you rode a little trike up a hill a little bit that you'd be able to gain speed by going down. You were in heaven and did it over and over and over. Once the bigger kids saw you doing it they decided to go to the very top of the pretty steep driveway and do it too. They went so fast it was scaring me but they knew how to control the little car. Once you saw them at the top you made your way up there too. I followed behind you holding onto the back to slow you down. Once you figured out I was doing that you wouldn't let me near you! You did end up going down on your own and it was really scary for me especially since you were headed straight for the basketball hoop pole and crashed into it. Luckily you were fine. Yesterday you realized that you could ride your trike down our walkway into the driveway. Thankfully it's not very steep so i don't worry about it and you absolutely love it.
You are making such an effort to talk. You're pretty much able to ask for anything you want. I understand everything you say but I'm not surprised that no one else does. For instance for some unexplainable reason fire truck is "effay truck". I'll say, "say fire". You'll say, "fire". I'll say, "say fire truck". You'll say, "effay truck". And you think all red vehicles or all vehicles with flashing lights are effay trucks.
There is a PF Changs right near our house with the big horse statues outside. For months whenever we passed it you would exclaim, "COWS!" and I'd say, "those are horses". Finally this month you started saying "horhees".
You're definitely putting two words together now and generally speaking all of the time. You do still whine a lot but I'm always able to get you to say what you want before I get it for you.
I just bought you fake crocs for the summer and they are a size 7/8 and are a bit too big. You're wearing 2T or 3T shirts and 24 month shorts. You are still such a picky eater although you always eat great if you're not with daddy or me.

Dear Madison,

You are such a perky little thing. I love it when you skip around the house or the yard. Sometimes you'll skip around singing a little tune then look at me and get all embarrassed, giggle and run away.
Today you started asking the same question over and over, even if you clearly knew the answer. For instance "where's my cup?" when it was in your hand followed by the same question 20 seconds later. You've been asking where Mommy or Daddy is even if we're right next to you!
I would really appreciate it if you would stop partying in your crib and TAKE A NAP!!
Your fake crocs are a size 5/6 and fit you just right. Your pants are still 18 months but I've been buying you 2T shirts. They're a little big but not bad.
Daddy taught you that if you get a boo boo he will kiss it. Now anytime you even bump yourself you whine "KISS it!"


Eva said...

These are your most beautiful photos yet. I particularly love the first one.

Wendy and Karen said...

Incredible update. You amaze me that you find the time to write these.

And I agree. These are awesome pictures. The vibrance, the sharpness, the beautiful expressions of joy and the bokeh--ahh the bokeh!